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How to Achieve Weight Loss Results by Nutritionist Jill Fleming

Jill Fleming is a certified nutritionist and dietician. The highly sought after motivational speaker for weight loss holds a masters degree in nutrition.

For more than 15 years now, Jill Fleming has been motivating overweight people, and those with an interest in the subject, to take a hold of their weight problems using simple choices in lifestyle, called thin choices.

She has authored the popular book, Thin people don’t clean their plates. The dietician feels that she is the link between people who want to be thin and their destiny.

It is through her book and the numerous seminars that she educates people about non-diet ways of becoming thin. A strong opponent of quick weight loss diets and bypass surgery, Jill Fleming claims that she uses her life’s transformation, together her clients' success stories to teach people how to lose weight permanently.

There’s no doubt that hundreds of people have transformed their lives through her programs by abandoning the ‘diet mentality’ and choosing wiser lifestyle choices. Many who have attended her seminars have raved at the simplicity with which she articulates her points.

Achieving weight loss according to Jill Fleming

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According to Jill, a weight loss diet is defined as ‘What a person usually eats and drinks to lose weight permanently without deprivation‘. She has said that her advice to her clients on diets is that they should only start a diet if they can see it through the rest of their lives.

Only then will they be able to do away with diets that are unrealistically restrictive, or those that completely eliminate an entire food group. she stresses that the diet you choose should be flexible enough to include occasional treats and some favorites.

According to her research on the lifestyle habits of thin people, Jill Fleming states that she was able to observe similar eating habits among thin people, which became the premise for her book. She then created a ‘SOS diet plan’ after her observation and interviews of some of the most successful people on weight loss programs.

She claims that her plan is one you can follow for your entire life. SOS diet stands for smoothie for breakfast, other foods for snacks and lunch, and salad/soup for supper. Particular recipes for this diet are elaborately laid out on its official website.

The experienced nutritionist claims that her diet plan, together with the lifestyle program can be individualized so that one could fit their lifestyle within the plan. She agrees that forcing people to switch their entire lives to the plan is a tad too unrealistic but having them incorporate smaller things from the ‘thin lives’ program into what they’ve been used to doing is more achievable.

Her approach is more of a one-on-one thing. She says this way, she can easily relate to her clients’ problems and identify the source of stress in their life. Most of her clients, she says, have had a problem or two with stress related eating. Part of her diet plan involves identifying the cause of stresses in her clients’ lives and offer personalized remedies.

Through her websites, you can purchase her book, ‘Thin People Don’t Clean Their Plates ’. The website also offers a free Lifestyle Diary. You might also be interested in the weight loss ebooks on different topics here...

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