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How to Focus on the Healthy Stuff

Many people get frustrated with their attempts to lose weight. It may either be that you don’t like the rate at which the pounds are shedding, or you're not losing any weight at all.

Either way, most times it boils down to not focusing on the healthy stuff. Often times, people stick to ‘unhealthy’ methods to solve one problem, only to end up creating another.

Losing weight becomes pretty easy and enjoyable once you know what to focus on. Much of it is really about diet, as 80 percent of weight loss is a direct result of diet.

So, what does focusing on healthy stuff entail?  It entails all things that are geared toward getting healthy. In addition to losing weight, focusing on the healthy stuff has a number of benefits: better sleep, improves wellness, prevents or lessens diseases, among others.

Let’s start with what might go wrong when trying to eat a healthy diet. While focusing on healthy foods is very crucial for a healthy body, some people get too obsessed instead. Getting overly consumed with a healthy diet can lead to unwanted effects as it can lead to ‘orthorexia‘.

Although not officially a mental disorder (term not yet in the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV), orthorexia causes tremendous mental stress, which leads to a series of other undesirable effects, for instance skipping meals.

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Orthorexic people don’t focus so much on counting calories, rather, they get consumed with being perfect. Apart from the mental strains, this kind of eating can lead to social isolation. An orthorexic can spend a whooping 3 to 4 hours a day obsessively worrying about the contents of the food they’re going to eat, isolating foods, or browsing food labels. Granted, there’s a great deal of attention being paid to healthy eating these days, but it ceases to be meaningful once its starts to interfere with your life.

How then can you focus on healthy eating? You should start with the foods you really like. Good foods to start with are vegetables and fruits because they naturally contain low fat. For instance, get several of your favorite vegetables and boil them in a huge pan, just enough for a week.

This saves on preparation time if you’re the busy type. Have a serving with every meal, which ensures that you’re less likely to miss vegetables on any day. There’s no better way to focus on healthy stuff.
Use the same strategy with fruits. When making a fruit salad, use fresh fruit instead of canned. Try apples, grapes and berries. If bananas do it for you, include them but most people don’t like them. Cut the fruits into several bite-size pieces. Put them into a large bowl and mix them with flavoured yoghurt. Cover the bowl and keep in the refrigerator. This is as healthy a dish as it is delicious.

Focusing on such subtle yet extremely healthy stuff will boost your health in a less stressful way. If you don’t know where to start, make an evaluation of what you’re eating currently. It’s likely that there are lots of foods you need to eliminate and some that need  more focus.

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