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Is Your Diet Making You Fat?

Losing weight has never been easy. From counting calories and carbs, to juicing for every meal, the number of ways to lose a few pounds is countless.

But is it possible that these diets are actually doing the opposite? Could they ultimately be causing you to gain weight?

For many people, the answer is yes. In most diets, the goal is simple: ingest fewer calories. By doing this, one’s weight should drop. But this is more difficult than it sounds. 

Often, when people are trying to ingest fewer calories, they spend their entire day hungry. With most diets, you will feel hungry sometimes, but not all of the time.

This hunger makes it difficult to get through the evening without some type of binge. You want to eat a little more, so you do, thinking that it won’t make a difference. But doing this every day could be adding on the calories you are supposed to be cutting.

No matter what a person is eating, even if it is low in calories, it is easier to lose count of your caloric intake when you are hungry. You will find yourself sneaking an extra snack or eating an extra serving.

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People often believe that if it is low in calories, then they can eat more. This causes many people to go against the diet and ultimately causes most to ingest as many calories, if not more, than they would have had they not been dieting at all.

On a diet, a person should eat enough so that they don’t feel hungry all of the time. This may mean eating smaller amounts more often or eating things that help suppress your appetite.

Cravings are another problem that dieters face. When a person is not allowed their favorite food, two different things happen. First, they can’t stop thinking about it. They spend time dreaming about when they will finally be able to have it, and that makes turning it down much more difficult. Check out this article for more details: How to Outsmart Your Cravings for Food

The dieter begins to think that eating one extra thing won’t make a difference. But giving in to too many temptations can and will keep you from losing the few extra pounds.

The second thing that happens with cravings is that people push them back, with the intention to remember them when they have a “free day”. Then, on the day when they allow themselves to break the rules, they take it to the extreme.

By remembering all of the things that you have not let yourself eat, you find a way to eat as much of them as possible. This often causes people to ingest much more than intended, making up for the few calories they had cut from their previous days.

Theoretically, dieting is an easy thing. Eat fewer calories than you burn in a day, and you should lose weight. But actually doing this is difficult, and a dieter must pay strict attention to what they are doing to ensure that their diet is not actually making them gain weight. It is very easy to eat more thank you think you are.

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