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Portion Control Secrets

Controlling your portions is not as hard as you might have thought. It’s a healthy way of moderating calorie consumption whilst enjoying your food.

When you are not ‘portion aware’, you might find your self eating more than your body needs. Learn how to control your portions with these simple secrets.

1. Part your plate into two

Paying close attention to detail while laying food on the plate goes a long way in preventing excess calorie intake. Divide your plate into two portions.

Fill one side with vegetables or fruits while the other half is left for protein and starch in equal portions. This is one of the best ways of telling what a balanced meal should look like. A plate of meat balls and pasta or potatoes and steak makes an incomplete meal without vegetables and fruits.

2. Use smaller dishes

54 percent of Americans do not leave food on the plate. If you’re among those, consider using smaller dishes. When you allot a portion of spaghetti on a standard 8-10 inch plate, it will look like a meal. However, the same allotment on a 12-14 -inch dinner plate looks scanty. The point is, we tend to allot way too big a portion to fill larger sized plates than we would on moderately sized plates.

3. Have limited choice

Man is a peculiar creature. When presented with choice, he takes more than he needs, but when choice is limited, he makes do with the scarce resources. Likewise, when you have more to eat, you’re likely to eat more. Limit your choices so that you eat less, popular wisdom dictates so.

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4. If you have power, use it for good health

Many homes have a ‘food keeper’, someone who ensures that food gets to the house from the market, makes sure it gets prepared and puts it on the table for the rest to eat. Because you control what everyone eats, you have so much power. If you’re in that position, use it for the good of every one’s health.

5. Don’t eat on telly

It’s not just being inactive, watching television is a big distraction while eating. You’ll be amazed at how much you can munch as you watch away. And the eating continues as long as you stay up on television.

6. Say no to ‘upsize’ offers

We all know that fast food portions are ‘exaggerated’ so you don’t want to rub salt into the wound by upgrading your meal. Bargain deals always seem appealing but resist temptation, for the sake of your health.

In fact, your best option is to steer clear of fast food meal deals. Make healthy choices when eating out, for instance grilled steak, along with a salad is a wiser choice than a combo with a silo-sized soda.

7. Avoid mindless eating

Keep tempting foods out of sight. You won’t pick on that ice cream, chips or cookies if they are not in your reach. Having food around all the time leads to mindless eating.

Following these simple weight loss tips will go a long way in reducing your calorie intake, thus, controlling your weight.

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