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31 Days Fat Loss Cure Review 

31 day fat loss cure

Good health and physical fitness is what everyone strives to achieve. However, the hectic lifestyles of the modern world do not allow us to easily maintain the physical and health fitness required to live a prolonged life.

The 31 Days Fat Loss Cure program can help you achieve the fitness level you so much crave.

Before you go out to purchase this program, it is important to get a feel of what it contains in form of an honest review of 31 Days Fat Loss Cure.

We’ll dissect the contents of the program below.

The 31 Days Fat Loss Cure guide is a product of Vic Magary, a former army soldier and renowned fitness expert. 

What’s in the program?

The 31 Days Fat Loss Cure program contains a number of various fitness routines with a distinctive diet plan, often referred to as the caveman diet. The idea behind this diet is that ‘if the caveman couldn’t have eaten it back then, then you shouldn’t eat it either’.

The author strongly believes that obesity is a direct product of processed food, thus, his program addresses this issue right from the start.

The main part of the guide consists of Vic Magary’s personal workout modules, strategies for weight loss, tips on diet and nutrition and lots of other resources which, according to him, will help you shed the extra pounds in only four weeks.

However, whether his claims are true or not is a matter for you the user to discover. And, is the 31 Days Fat Loss Cure really any different from hundreds of similar programs? That also depends on who you ask. What we can do is to break down the guide into advantages and disadvantages for you to weight and decide.

Comprehensive Video Review of 31 Days Fat Loss Cure

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The Pros

31 day fat loss cureContains video tutorials together with easy to follow guide – one of the most pleasing things with this program is that it is packed with a number of videos with step-by-step instructions on how each exercise is performed.

It is much easier and faster to learn from a video tutorial than when you just read instructions. You also have another option of viewing Vic Magary’s videos by using embedded links to an online streaming website.

There are two levels of exercise and workouts – as a user, you’ll also be pleased to get two levels of exercises.

The Beginner Bodyweight program is considered the first level and usually suits people new to the program. The second level is the Advanced Bodyweight program for those with a little experience.  This is a huge advantage which makes people who are not used to exercise feel comfortable.

Excellent support – in addition to an elaborate list of FAQs, this program’s support team is superb. Email response is fast and candid, that’s in case your particular query is not already addressed in the FAQs list.

The program is also available in both e-book and physical formats, with the e-book slightly cheaper than the physical format.

There’s also a 60-day money back guarantee if you find that the program will not help you achieve your desired results.

The cons

The program requires a lot of effort and time if you’re going to achieve the results you want. It doesn’t in anyway work like magic.

There might be one or two workouts that are particularly hard for some people. Remember, the author is an ex-soldier and a skilled martial artist. That’s not to say they are completely undoable.


The bottom line is that 31 Days Fat Loss Cure will give you the fitness you want if you’re willing to work at it. There’s no shortcut.


31 day fat loss cure

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