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A Healthy Diet For Life

Fad diets number in the thousands. You can achieve weight loss with a fad diet if you follow it to the letter.

That means you have to alter your eating ways to fit the diet’s guidelines, not that all the food in the diet is beneficial to you.

Instead of fretting about following a diet, focus on your health and lifestyle. Its always good to start by learning which foods are healthier so that you include them in your diet.

Healthy eating

The first point to note when selecting healthy foods is that the closer the food is to its natural state, the more beneficial it is to your health. Have more of vegetables for their abundant minerals and vitamins, especially dark leafy greens, as well as yellow and orange vegetables. To extract the highest nutritional value, eat them steamed.

Go slow on sauces as they are packed with calories and fat. Choose baked food and pastas made from whole grains. Stay away from sugary pastries. An apple is nutritious but apple pie really is not.

Buy lean meats because they are healthier and have less fat, and always include fish. Most of our diets are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids abundant in ocean fish, thus, having seafood 2-3 times a week is good for you.

Processed meats -sausages, bacon, hotdogs - are laden with saturated fat, which is extremely unfavourable for your health. If you cant do without these meats,  go for healthier substitutes available at healthy food stores. Water, skim milk and vegetable juices should be your choice of beverages. Plain water is boring so spruce up the flavor with a slice of lemon.

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Eat healthy when eating out

If you’re the type that eats out a lot, you might find sustaining a healthy diet hard. Oily fries and a greasy cheeseburger will definitely look more tempting than a bowl of salads. Even worse, restaurant portions are much more generous than is good for your health.

Granted, sometimes we might be too weak to resist the cheeseburger, so make a compromise in that case; choose a healthy appetizer that you like, blend it with a salad or soup and forego the larger entrees. Sharing a meal is another great way to eat less calories at a restaurant, or alternatively, take half of it home.

For the good of your weight, skip dessert. If you can’t, have as small a size as possible, say one scoop of ice-cream, instead of a full cup. A bowl of mixed berries capped with nuts makes a healthy dessert.

Generally, eating out isn’t really a healthy way to eat and, if you do it frequently, you might have realized how hard it is to feel good and healthy. Most places will include salad, while others have healthier choices but ultimately, a home-cooked healthy meal is irreplaceable. Buffets are for very disciplined people and unless you’re one, keep off them.

Have regular meals

Another important aspect of healthy dieting is not skipping meals. Breakfast is usually the first culprit to fall under skipped meals. Split your breakfast into two smaller meals if you find it hard to have one large meal at ago. It's much better than snacking on candy to perk up later.

You can not transform your eating habits in one night so don’t lose sleep over it. Many people can’t. Take it one change at a time towards a healthy diet plan, as long as you’re consistent.

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