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Aerobic Cross-Training for Weight Loss

Many people get bored with their aerobic exercises just a few weeks into training. Others, after trying so hard, start to feel like they are not achieving what they ought to be getting from their aerobic exercises. The good news is that you can spruce up your exercises with aerobic cross training.

Aerobic cross training is when you do more than one type of aerobic exercises in a specified time. In aerobic cross training, different exercises are combined in a single workout session such that various muscle groups are worked.

The more you exercise a muscle group, the faster the muscles grow, thus, the more calories the muscles expend.

Aerobic cross training exercises

The mainstay of aerobic cross-training is a triathlon race. A triathlon constitutes running, swimming and biking. Some other types of exercise can also be used in cross-training, such as jogging, walking, skiing, skating, basketball and other court games, among many other water and land-based exercises. These help greatly when you are striving on how to lose weight.

Why you need cross training

The most obvious benefit is that cross-training helps to break the boredom that comes with the monotony of doing the same type of exercise repetitively. Long stretches of the same exercise can greatly lead to loss of morale and, abandonment.

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The more variety you try out, the less likely you’ll give excuses to miss out on a training session. Successful weight loss can not be achieved without consistent exercises. For the best health benefits, it is recommended that every adult have at least five hours of well balanced aerobic exercises every week.

In addition, cross-training minimizes the risk of overdo injuries. For instance, you’ll be more prone to injury if you run for an hour everyday than when you do cross-training exercises. Common overdo injuries include knee problems, iliotibial band syndrome and shin splints. Cross-training spreads the brunt of the strain to different body parts, other than one part being consistently subjected to strain.

Your body will generally improve in fitness since many parts of the body are exercised. For instance, swimming works and improves muscles in the back, chest, legs and arms, whereas running concentrates on hip and leg muscles.

Achieving weight loss with aerobic cross-training

The weight-loss equation is pretty straight forward - burn more calories than you consume. , Since more calories would be needed to move a 250-lb body than would be used to move a 110-lb body and, more calories are burnt in muscle than fat, your metabolism and weight have a direct influence on the amount of calories you burn at rest and during a workout.

Cross-training can help to increase your anaerobic threshold, thus improving your endurance during exercises. You can run for 30 minutes and, still hold your interest to bike for a further  40 minutes, but you may not find it easy to do a monotonous straight run for 40 minutes. This results in more calories being expended in a running-biking session.

Also, you’ll build more lean muscle with moderate-intensity cross-training exercises, which results in a higher metabolic rate, thus weight loss.

Having said that, some cross-training exercises may not be good for people with ailments. Always seek your doctor’s advice before starting any exercise program.

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