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Belly Fat Diet to Get the Body You Desire

A belly fat diet is a weight loss diet, although people think it should be something specific. In order to balance diet, accelerate metabolism and burn fat efficiently, you need to find out which foods to avoid and which to include in your diet.

Fat burning foods are also called foods with a thermic effect. Lean protein is one of the best and rich sources include:

-chicken breast;
-turkey breast;
-seafood and shellfish;
-egg whites.

Of all food groups, PROTEIN seems to require the highest amount of calories for processing and digesting. Another great merit of lean protein is that it suppresses appetite reducing other food cravings. You can actually create an unbeatable belly fat diet by combining lean meat, green vegetables, valuable fats and natural starchy carbs (wholegrain cereals).

CAPSAICIN is capsicum (hot pepper) extract. It can be consumed in food in the form of spicy sauces, yet, if you worry about digestive upset, there are dietary supplements that include capsaicin as a major ingredient.

Hot pepper extract stimulates blood flow and accelerates the metabolism thus favoring weight loss. Such a supplement definitely makes a difference as part of a belly fat diet. Talk to your diet before starting dietary supplementation.

The big DON'Ts of a belly fat diet!


The big enemies of fitness are refined carbs such as sugary foods, starch and refined grains and flour. Refined carbohydrates increase the level of sugar in the blood stream and cause insulin imbalances that are directly responsible for fat accumulating around the abdomen and stomach. Too high consume of carbs leads to diabetes and obesity.


Although we tend to believe that only McDonald's food is junk food, the truth is that we buy the same low quality products from the shelves of the hypermarkets. Food choices are dictated by the way processed food tastes. This focus on flavors will not help you with belly fat diet or with any other weight loss effort. Say NO to processed food today and start cooking your meals from fresh ingredients.

When designed by professionals, the various weight loss and muscle building programs could offer more than just a belly fat diet. They come with an alternative lifestyle, providing the user with a multitude of choices when it comes to nutrition and exercising, so that every person has the chance to follow personal preferences and still achieve weight loss goals.

cheat your way thin

cheat your way thin