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Choosing a Treadmill

A treadmill provides easy means of staying fit at home as it can be very tedious to keep up with regular exercise at the gym. Thus, a treadmill is that piece of equipment that’s indispensable at the home of a fitness-minded person.

So, when you finally decide to purchase one, you’ll be faced with a range of types and prices. What brings about the difference in price in this weight loss product?

As with anything, you will get the treadmill that fits your bill. For every price though, there’s a machine of good quality and power, if you know what to look for.

Before you set out to go shopping, create enough space at your home where you’ll place your new purchase. Ensure to take measurements of the space and make an allowance for some free space around the treadmill.

In case you’re considering a machine that inclines, you need to cater for head room. Remember, you might like to try out several of them before settling on one, so wear comfortable clothes and workout shoes.

Another point you need to note is the manufacturer; these are many and it really boils down to the buyer to decide what they want. Most makers cater both to low-end and high-end clients, so going by the brand alone can be misguiding.


All motor ratings are in horsepower, but different models can employ different rating systems. A treadmill’s motor is a key factor in determining its duration; choose a motor that’s larger and heavier if you want a long-lasting machine.

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Generally, larger, heavier motors have better cooling mechanisms than smaller ones, thus more durable. A motor’s horsepower is applied to two different ratings - peak duty rating and continuous duty rating. The former is put on a treadmill tag while the latter is placed directly on the motor and it’s the rating that defines its duration and quality.

A 1.5 continuous duty horsepower is usually recommended as a standard - you could go higher if your weight is over 185 pounds. Ensure the voltage is compatible with your home’s because some heavier treadmills are 220, which is not compatible with many homes.

Another high priority factor to consider is width of walking track and thickness of walking deck. With long-term use, the comfort of your legs and feet will be influenced by the thickness of the deck. Ideally, a deck thickness of 1-inch - or ¾-inch - should be good enough for walking and jogging.

In order to avoid stepping off the track, choose a walking track length of at least 48 inches and a width of at least 17 inches. You may want to choose a longer track if you’re planning to run on your machine. Take a test while you’re still in the store.

Shock absorption currently is the ‘buzz’ feature on a treadmill. The machine should have its suspension directly below its walking deck in order to provide effective cushioning for the feet, legs and the back. Foam or rubber can be used as padding material.

Although foam is softer and easily compressible than rubber, it takes longer to recover the original thickness after impact. Rubber recovers instantly to full thickness and can keep its energy absorption level better. However, you’re better off testing the machine yourself.

When you’re done checking the construction, take a look at the machine’s electronic board. Low-end treadmills have the basics: distance, speed, time, incline and calories. The high-end machines come with a variety of special pre-set exercise programs programmed to automatically alter speed, incline, and effort intensity.

If you feel that these features will motivate you to exercise more, go for the high-end treadmill, otherwise if you’re on a limited budget, a basic machine will deliver the results.

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