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Easy Veggie Meal Plans Review

easy veggie meal plansThe Easy Veggie Meal Plans is an entirely vegetarian diet and lifestyle program authored by Kardena Pauza, a nutritionist, fitness expert and 2007 winner of Ms American fitness.

The program is suitable for anyone who wants to shed some pounds, especially belly fat, and those who want to give their digestive tract a cleanse, as well as eradicate skin ailments resulting from eating a diet high in animal meats.

The plan is also ideal for people who just want to reduce their meat intake without completely going off meat. Read our indepth review of Easy Veggie Meal Plans to find out more about this course...

What will you get from Easy Veggie Meal Plans?

Sold in eBook format, the plan contains a host of vegetarian meal plans spanning 90 days. The meals are nutritionally balanced, meaning that you will not tire from the boredom of eating an entirely vegetarian diet. The author asserts that you need to be armed with the right nutritional facts to succeed in turning vegetarian in a healthy way.

In fact, a lot of people instead gain weight when they switch to a vegetarian diet because they don’t have a clue about the abundance of protein-rich foods, and simply swap the meats in their diets for the cheeses high in fat and carbs. The Easy Veggie Meal Plans program elaborates how to achieve a delicious, well balanced meal rich in proteins that will leave your body fully nourished.

easy veggie meal plans

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The inside details:

• The eBook is personalized for either men or women, with a whole 90 days of various vegan meal plans, with tips on how to incorporate eggs or dairy to whichever meals you want.

• It contains a Vegetarian Lifestyle eBook, detailing how to live a totally vegetarian lifestyle.

• There is also the Quick Start Coaching Call, a recording on an interview between Craig Ballantyne, a fitness expert, and the program’s author Kardena, on all issues relating to the program’s setup.

• Defend your Diet Coaching Call, a rare additional piece of social support from the author herself – she basically equips you with information on how to handle people’s enquiries when they start asking about your change of diet and lifestyle.

• An additional eBook - a bonus - containing eight raw foods smoothie recipes. 

The advantages

• Contains simple, easy to follow recipes that do not need any special utensils.

• Since vegetarian groceries tend to be more budget friendly than most meats, your shopping bill will trim down.

• The program is particularly effective for stubborn fats, in addition to other benefits, such as improved digestion, a more clear skin and increased energy levels.

The disadvantages

As with all programs, there is definitely an other side to the course. No courses are perfect nor "one-size" fits all.

• Some recipes may not be readily available in your store, requiring you to go to a healthy foods store elsewhere. But the main point of this program is to explore a whole new range of stirring foods so take it as an adventure.

• At $57 a piece – purchased through Clickbank with a 60 day money back guarantee - some people wonder whether you get real value for money, considering that most diet programs sold in eBook format range between $35 and $50. There’s also an advanced package at $97 containing 3 additional features on top of the listed ones.


This program is generally worth a try for anyone wishing to switch to a vegetarian lifestyle and you can have some confidence in the scientifically backed facts endorsed by a couple of respected professionals.

easy veggie meal plans 

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