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Eating For Energy Review

eat for energy reviewYuri Elkaim’s eBook, Eating For Energy, is touted as one of the best raw diet programs available today. Yuri’s book details step-by-step secrets to raw diet and weight loss, increasing energy, salvaging your health and generally looking and feeling younger.

Unlike the average weight loss diet programs, the Eating For Energy program is more than just about calorie counting and losing weight; it is a healing guide, helping you replenish both on the inside and on the outside. 

The author claims to have undertaken extensive research about the health benefits of raw foods, and bundled it together in a simple guide. He goes deeper than simply giving dry details of what raw foods will give you energy, or help you with some health ailments. This program explores the diets of our forefathers, before the invasion of processed foods that contribute a lot to weight gain and increased risk of diseases.

You will get detailed explanations on plant based raw foods with the highest nutritional value, together with well balanced diet guidance. It is an enlightening program that clearly opens doors you didn’t imagine were achievable.

It sheds light on whether your present eating habits are healthy or not, making it plain that it’s not your age that leads to the low energy levels you currently have, rather, it’s the food you eat.

eating for energy

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What you get when you purchase Eating For Energy diet plan

• You’ll be introduced to healthy ways that can stem cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes by simply making small tweaks to what you eat.

• You will find out what effect the shocking food consumption trends from 1970 to 2004 have had on your health.

• Learn exactly why you were failing in your previous weight loss programs, an experience that will be profound on your life, not just your body.

• Learn that some fats can be amazingly healthy and that eating certain healthy fats can aid in fat loss while increasing your energy levels, in addition to other health benefits.

• Discover a wondrous food that contains saturated fat that can help burn excess fat in your body, and fuels your energy for physical activity.

• Learn a ways to ‘turbo-charge’ your metabolism, which will make your body a food burning, fat-melting furnace.

• You’ll get the low-down on how processed food companies are sending us to the grave, and then learn just a single principle to avoid processed food.

• You’ll be shown the single common denominator to most diseases and what exactly you can do to greatly reduce your risk.

The advantages

• Eating for energy focuses on fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts.

• It has been shown to lead to ‘real’ weight loss.

• The diet is a very eco-friendly program

• The author is an experienced nutritionist so we can trust his product

The bad points

• There are really not enough pictures to give graphic illustrations of the various procedures and ideas, which can prove arduous for starters.

• The diet seems to be aimed at people who are more physically active or those involved in sports, although the author states that it applies to anyone.

The guide is priced at $39.95, including up to 8 extra eBook titles. It’s not a ‘lose weight fast’ kind of diet but will surely give you the results if followed correctly, according to majority of user reviews.

eating for energy 

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