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Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Given the hundreds of diets and thousands of supplements available in today’s weight loss market-place, body-fat reduction has never been easier.

However, you realize that solving the ’fat’ problem springs up a complete new dimension of problems, among which is excess skin.

Thus, weight loss is indeed a complex issue because it’s pretty easy to end up with a multitude of issues than originally anticipated. Whether you do it for health or otherwise, you would still want a great looking body after shedding fat.

All said and done, everything boils down to a carefully chosen exercise regimen, coupled with a sound nutrition plan that incorporates a healthy line up of body firming foods. Only then will you say bye to sagging skin after losing weight.

If you fall under the ‘overweight’ category, brace for sagging skin after crossing to the fit category - very common with middle-aged people. There are a number of approaches that can help stem the problem, such as building lean muscle and, getting the skin hydrated so that it adapts to the new body structure. Sadly, excess skin can prove a stubborn issue especially in people of advanced age, even worse if someone has carried the weight for a long time.

In order to take back charge of your skin, you need to acknowledge the problem first. Excess skin is a normal side effect of weight loss and there’s no reason to feel ashamed about it. It’s important to frame your mind this way so that you don’t fall for sham quick fixes.

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Consult with a fitness expert to find out if you may be entered into a workable program. It’s possible to bulk up the flesh beneath your skin to fill out the void created by fat-loss, while keeping your skin healthy and fit. Suffice to note that body skin is a living organ; nurture it well and it will grow and adjust easily to the flesh underneath.

Usually, loose skin doesn’t just hang on its own, rather, it covers layers of fat beneath. This implies that even after shedding many pounds, you might still need to lose more to get rid of the excess skin. Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water daily will help hydrate the skin. Water is good for sagging skin because skin responds well when properly hydrated.

You also need to check the rate at which you lose weight. The recommended healthy limit is 3 pounds a week and bear in mind that it is never a good idea to overly lose weight rapidly.

Regular aerobic exercises are good too for avoiding the pie up of the pounds again. The exercises you can do are countless, including jogging, weight lifting, biking, and walking. Remember to keep watch of what you eat.

Maintain a moderate intake of carbohydrates, while proteins should not miss on your diet. Have at least three meals that include lean steak a week, to build muscle and tighten skin. There are a number of skin-firming lotions which you should use with a doctor’s recommendation.

So, as you work hard to lose weight, consider what might happen to your skin and, pro-actively incorporate ways to mitigate excess skin after weight loss.

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