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How to Boost Your Metabolism

If you want to lose weight or maintain that slender body, consider ways of boosting your metabolism. It’s always a good place to begin.

The speed at which your body burns calories depends on various factors. Sex, genes and age are some of the factors which influence the rate of metabolism.

You do not have much control over these factors, but there are several other ways you could rev up your metabolism.

Strength training

Much of strength training involves building muscle. The body constantly burns calories even at rest (basal metabolic rate), which mainly occurs in muscles, as they self-sustain. As such, a pound of muscle will burn approximately 4 more calories than the same weight of fat, which means that more muscle translates to more calories burnt. Further, when muscles are stressed (strength training), the extra activation will cause the daily metabolic rate to increase.

Increase exercise intensity

Exercising doesn’t build muscle but it can spike your metabolic rate in the hours after exercising. The higher the intensity of the workout, the bigger and more sustaining metabolic rate at rest. Enrol for a more intense workout class at your gym for a better metabolism boost.

Drink gallons

When your body burns calories it uses up water. Any mild dehydration may slow down your metabolism. Different studies have shown that there tends to be a higher rate of metabolism in adults who drank eight or more glasses of water a day than those who drunk less. Have a glass of water before meals and snacks and substitute fruits for snacks, which have more fluids.

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Take your drinks cold

When you drink beverages that are ice-cold, the body will burn more calories during digestion. It has been suggested through research that 10 more calories will be burnt a day if six glasses of cold drink are consumed. It may seem a negligible amount but that adds up to a pound of weight lost over a year, a small feat achieved without exercise or dieting.

Eat less, more frequently

Having large meals spaced over long hours conditions your metabolism to slow down. This can be countered by having small meals very frequently. Its safe to slip in some healthy snacks between the meals. Fruits and nuts make healthy snacks and besides, snacking will help you avoid eating a lot at meal time.

Try ‘Asian cuisine’

Spicy food that contains a substantial amount of pepper will send your metabolism revving. Although it‘s a short-lived effect, eating spicy food more frequently will add up eventually. You do not always have to go Asian as you could just add a tablespoon of chilli to your favorite dishes to get similar effect.

Eat more protein

During digestion, protein takes up more energy to burn than fat and carbohydrates. A balanced diet should be your goal but it doesn’t hurt to eat more protein rich foods at mealtime to accelerate your metabolism. Stick to healthier sources of protein like fish, lean beef, legumes and chicken.

Other ways to boost metabolism include increased coffee and tea intake and generally staying away from crash diets. Its worth noting that the effect these various foods and drinks have on your metabolism can never be replaced by more sustainable ways of burning those calories.

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