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Motivation is the Key to Consistent Exercise and Results

As we all know, we need motivation in every activity of life from which we expect to benefit. Likewise, if you need to consistently exercise and get results, you need constant motivation. It’s the fuel of your exercises.

No matter how healthy your diet is, you still need consistent exercise to be fully fit. It is extremely vital for great results.

Unfortunately, motivation is easily overlooked by many who set out to keep fit and live healthier lives. Anything that lacks motivation is a waste of effort.

Phrases like ‘I’ve tried everything but I don’t get results’, have become common place when it comes to people struggling to lose weight.

So, how do you stay the course by keeping motivated? Here are some things that can help you keep up with your exercise and get the results you are working hard to achieve.

The first thing is to know how exercise will benefit you. You are bound to fail if you don’t know what you might achieve in the first place. For instance, the motivation to get a good job and succeed is what gets us to work harder in college. Likewise, be motivated by the health benefits and the nice, slender shape of thinner people.

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Make a personal list detailing every possible reason that’s pushing you to exercise consistently. For most of us it is either to lose weight, to become more fit or to maintain a healthy body. Doing this may seem less serious but the list will be handy when your morale has hit the low. Get it out and remind your self why you started exercising.

Find a workout partner. Its widely accepted that you are more likely to exercise consistently if you exercise with a friend than when you go it alone. Reason is simply because you will hold each other accountable. You are less likely to miss a session if you know that there’s someone waiting and counting on you, thus, that’s motivation enough to make you get it done.

Stick to morning exercise. Waking up and hitting the gym first thing in the morning is a sure indicator of seriousness. However, you need to keep the morning jig at 6 to 7 times a week to get the body to motivate itself. When you get used to waking up early at about the same time, it becomes easier for you to get up at will, thus, you’re more likely to exercise consistently.

Prepare for a local marathon or a walk as this can be motivation to train regularly. Many people started changing their lives for good after participating in events like these.

Avoid injuries by wearing appropriate gear. Your motivation for regular exercise can be greatly dented by injury.

Enjoy exercising. Listen to good music or an inspiring book while you exercise. Do whatever it is that gets you through your training session on a high. However some people prefer peace and quiet while exercising. As long as it keeps you motivated, go on and exercise.

And then of course, nothing motivates like real results. Motivation ultimately starts with you, so get going and exercise regularly.

eating for energy

eating for energy