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Quick Tips for Lean Abs

Have you been crunching too much and yet a ripped, toned, lean physique still eludes you? Chances are you’re not doing it right. Quit wasting your efforts and learn quick tips for lean abs.

It is intimated within expert circles that a lean, toned physique, the one with visible abs, is 20 percent the right exercise and 80 percent diet.

Even then, it has not stopped the confusion about the right diet for achieving lean abs. The truth is, healthy foods eaten in large quantity can also cause fattening.

If cutting fat is part of your goals (it has to be), then mind your portions too. The following quick tips will put you on the path to lean abs.

1. Reduce cardio, increase interval training

Many people, in a bid to build more lean muscle, spend hours and hours on cardio. Studies have shown that slow, steady cardio for prolonged hours is counter productive for fat loss. On the other hand, interval training keeps your metabolism rate high after a workout, which means you continue burning calories after working out.

Another advantage interval training has is that you don’t need to spend long hours in the gym to cut fat. Some exercises for interval workouts include: fast rope jumping, swimming, hill sprints and wind sprints. Rounds on a stationary bicycle and treadmill can also do.

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2. Build muscle with resistance training

Apart from burning calories and building muscle, resistance training greatly fires up your metabolism. It also helps to sculpt your body physique. You should aim for working all your body muscle groups with low rep resistance exercises.

High intensity presses, including squats and dead lifts, are excellent. Other exercises include chin-ups, lunges, step-ups and rows. Avoid isolation workouts like bicep curl and leg extension which burn less fat.

3. Balanced diet

Proper nutrition is extremely important for building lean muscle with visible abs. Excluding all fat from your diet (to lose fat) is detrimental. Healthy fat is absolutely necessary for building muscle. If you deprive your body of healthy fat, testosterone levels are significantly reduced. In addition, fat burning and muscle building hormones are affected by a low fat intake. Sources of good fat include fish, avocado, nuts, flax oil and seeds.

Low-carb diets are strictly a no go area for muscle building and toning. Lean meats are good for muscle building (high protein and iron content), but moderate your portions. Space your meals to five a day, which should be small meals, other than three large meals. Drink a lot of fluids, natural juices and water more importantly.

4. Avoid stress

Find ways to beat stress as much as you can. Stress has been shown to increase belly fat due to increased production of the hormone cortical, which aids the accumulation of belly fat. In addition, most people tend to eat more under stress which definitely is counter productive for fat loss. Try yoga and meditation to reduce stress.

Its pretty darn hard to achieve lean abs on your own, so get a good trainer for better results. However, getting these tips is a big leap in the right direction.

burn the fat

burn the fat