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Quit Whining And Get Moving to Lose Weight

If you really want to lose weight, you should be willing to go the distance. As with anything worth its salt, there are lots of ups and downs. If you thought losing weight was as simple as eating pie, it certainly isn’t for you.

Its common for people to complain how they seem not to be shedding a pound in spite of ‘doing everything right‘.

Fact is, many of those who complain get some things wrong, or simply omit important routines. We’ll examine some of the things that go wrong during weight loss.

Inadequate exercise is the first culprit. Those who fail to lose weight do not exercise to a quarter of what they should. Cutting calorie consumption without exercising is futile because the body instead tries to conserve whatever is there.

Thus, you still have to eat to get the shape you so much crave. Losing weight should be done in a healthy way. 30 minutes of working out everyday is good to shake off the extra calories.

Even those that try to exercise, they overlook the importance of weight training. It is critical for building muscle and tone. Muscle can increase your metabolic rate, hence losing more calories. Losing weight, if not done properly, can lead to loss of muscle, especially if one is on a fad diet.

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A study on different groups of people trying to lose weight revealed that they consume more calories than they realize. What’s the remedy? Account for everything you eat everyday by recording it in a diary or journal. Analyze the data every week and compare with the recommended portions. This is the easiest way to develop a control system.

Obsession with instant results leads to no results. More than anything, quick loss diets and diet supplements have had their share of failed weight loss cases. Avoiding crazy diets and going for long-term solutions is what gives results.

Many people on ‘diets’ actually consume more fat than they would like to admit. Keeping fat intake between 20 to 30 grams a day is crucial for losing weight.

Losing weight is analogous to skipping meals, according to some. This is immensely dangerous for weight loss because it puts your metabolic rate into slumber, meaning less calories burnt at rest.

Many dieters consume far too much sugar through refined carbs like rice, wheat products (cakes, pastas), sodas, sweetened juices, and all those products containing a generous amount of sugar labelled as sucrose, corn syrup.

Some weight watchers drink too much alcohol for their good. Alcohol is loaded with calories. In addition, alcohol slows down metabolism and increases appetite.

If you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, don’t expect to lose weight. These contain an abundance of nutrients that repair cells and keep the digestive system healthy.

Generous portions: many weight watchers also tend to have no portion control, eating until they feel full. Whatever you eat, having it in excess is counterproductive for weight loss.

Lets face it, weight loss is hard work. If you don’t work hard at it, you will not get anywhere. It’s high time you got serious with losing weight. 

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