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Should I Exercise At Home or the Gym?

Home or the gym? It is a common dilemma we often face when we decide to start exercising. We’ll weigh the pros and cons of exercising at the gym and at home.

The gym

Certainly, exercising at the gym has a number of advantages that you can never find at home.

- If you are a newbie, training at the gym is very important. At the start, confidence levels are low and you won’t not have an idea where to start. A gym makes all this easier for you.

- Scheduled exercises: there are definite session times designated for various members at the gym. This helps you stay organised and be consistent with your training.

- Equipment: normally, gyms are equipped with as much tools as possible. Thus, there’s no limit to the type of exercises you could do, unless you’re a millionaire and can afford a fully equipped gym at home.

- Equipment is ever ready: apart from getting all the tools you need at the gym, you’ll also find them ready all the time.

- Professional assistance: there are always more than enough trainers and physical therapists to help you maximise the benefits of your exercise. A fitness trainer can organise personalized private sessions for you, finds a schedule that suits your specific needs and fits within your aspirations. Read our article on personal trainer benefits for more details...

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On the other hand, there is a downside to a gym too.

- The good services at the gym will set you back a fortune in membership. Most people who choose to exercise from home buy a few equipment at a fraction of what they would spend at the gym.

- If you are shy about your weight, then a gym may not be for you. Some people are too shy to put up with the crowds at the gym. Others find that gyms are more of social gathering venues than serious fitness centers, thus, they choose to train at home where distraction is controlled.

At home

- Getting fit from the comfort of your home means you mange your time better and you can avoid the hustle of having to drive 20 minutes to the gym, shower then back home.

- You have 24 hour access to your training equipment, so whether you want to roll out of bed at 5am and exercise in the morning, it is at your convenience.

Then negatives of exercising at home.

- When you’re a newbie, it’s much harder to start at home on your own.

- There’s not enough space at home. This means you’ll have to inconvenience other household members by improvising room for equipment.

- You’re likely to have an irregular schedule for training at home because you can have it at your most convenient time. Sometimes, you’re too lazy to push yourself.

- Although there’s no distraction from the crowds at the gym, you can as much be distracted at home.

- You’ll miss the services of fitness trainers and physical therapists because there’s no one to monitor your progress at home. You have to depend on your own judgement.

It’s possible to become fit without the gym but you need to seriously consider if that would be your best option. There are lots of advantages at the gym too.

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