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The Best Cardio Workouts

Those days of endlessly running around the track during physical education class are over - cardiovascular activity doesn’t have to be boring!

If you haven’t found a way to make cardio workouts fun, then this definitely the article for you.

I will explore some of the most interesting and effective cardio workouts and explain how you can incorporate them into your everyday exercise program.

If you want to learn how to make cardio fun again, read on!

First of all, cardio is always more fun when you see the results of your hard work. In a society where we expect everything right away it can be hard to stick to a cardio routine that doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere. To solve this problem, I introduce high intensity interval training.

You may have heard of this method before as it has gained steady popularity in the past few years. Hailed as one of the best ways to get in shape fast and lose weight fast, high intensity interval training is definitely worth adding to your routine.

Once of the best things about high intensity interval training is that it only takes around 15-20 minutes to complete! Forget about spending hours and hours on the bike or treadmill! An added plus is that it is very simple and can be performed with just about any piece of cardio equipment.

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Start by defining your intervals – if you are a beginner, you may want to start with 1 minute of rest followed by 15 seconds of high intensity work. As you get more fit, increase your work time or decrease your rest time. Alternate these periods of rest and work on the treadmill, bike, elliptical, stairmaster, or any other cardio activity you enjoy!

Perhaps some of the more fun cardio activities that have gained a lot of steam in the past few years is the exercise class. These are usually provided by a gym or fitness company and can include samba classes, aerobics, spin classes, and boot camps. Most of these classes are designed to give you an intense cardio workout while incorporating strength training activities.

The great thing about these exercise classes is that the movements can be modified depending on your skill level. For example, if you are a beginner, you can go slower than someone with more experience or a higher fitness level. In addition to a great workout, these classes usually have some killer music!

Finally, one of the best cardio workouts (and in my opinion, the most fun) is a sports activity. Even if you are not particularly good at sports, there are usually many age and experience levels that you can compete in.

If you enjoy the sport, you are more likely to work harder and get a better workout. Try joining a late-night soccer or hockey league, a weekend tennis group, or a running club. Having teammates and people supporting you will also encourage you during your fitness journey.

It is my hope that this article has provided you with some fun and interesting ideas for cardio workouts. Do something you love and always keep it fresh – you will be more likely to continue it and reach your goals!

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