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Why Exercise Programs Fail

Have you ever started an exercise program only to end in after a month? What went wrong? If you, like most people, are left puzzling this question, then this article is for you!

I will explore some of the many reasons why exercises programs fail and how you can avoid these mistakes.

There is no question that getting in shape and starting an exercise routine is hard, but with some simple tips I will show you how to stick to a program and start getting your health back!

The most common mistake people make when first starting an exercise program is that they go into it full force. They plan their meals down to each single calorie and they structure their exercise plan so that they’re working out twice a day, five times a week.

For your plan to be successful, you need to enjoy working out. Now, this probably won’t happen for the first few months so you have to give your body the chance to adapt and master the exercises – thus giving you confidence to continue the program.

My recommendation to those individuals starting a new fitness plan is so start slow – begin with a strength training program that has you working out 2-3 times a week. Try to remain active on your days off and start cutting out unnecessary calories like soda pop and candy.

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Gradually easing yourself into a healthy lifestyle is much more effective than going cold turkey on junk foods or exercising every minute of every day, because at some point, you are going to burn out and revert back to your old ways.

To prevent a relapse, make sure you have identified several short and long term goals. You should be able to measure these goals and track your progress. For example, a short term goal could be to leg press 100 pounds. A long term goal could look more like “I want to compete in a 5k run”.

Once you have made you goals, start thinking about the type of exercise program that would help you reach them. Obviously, if you want to build stronger legs and leg press 100 pounds, you won’t be doing cardio every day. Make sure your program is specific to your needs and addresses your goals.

Finally, having something that motivates you each day is important when starting a new routine. Whether you have a picture of someone you want to look like, or a saying that gets you fired up, make sure you see it every day and remind yourself what you are working towards.

Every time you start to doubt yourself or you make excuses, remember what you want to accomplish. After all, nothing worth having comes easy. Be patient with your progress. As long as you are working hard in the gym, and following your nutrition plan, you will see results!

Being able to stick to an exercise plan is something few people can say they have done. With a little determination and hard work, you can be one of those people. Keep these simple weight loss tips in mind the next time you start a program and I assure you that you will see incredible progress!

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