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Fat Burners for Men – Capsiplex

Capsiplex is a diet pill containing the extract capsicum, combined with chilli, hence the name chilli diet pill. Capsiplex is a subtle yet powerful fat burning pill that enables you to gracefully shed fat without constraining your lifestyle.

The supplement is popular among Hollywood‘s ‘crème de la crème’ , such as Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, among others.

According to its proponents, the pill will help you burn 278 calories every day, the reason it is fast becoming the diet pill of choice among many dieters.

The pill at a glance

The ingredients in Capsiplex are designed to fire up your metabolism and increase your energy levels so that your body can burn more fat at rest. It even gets better if you swallow the pill 30 minutes prior to an exercise session, helping you to expend more calories than you would in a normal exercise routine.

The ingredients

Capsiplex contains 3 powerful ingredients, each working in complement of the other. The pill’s ingredients, which are put together using a unique method known as the capsimax formula, include:

Capsicum extract - an extract of red chilli pepper that trims down appetite, boosts metabolism and facilitates calorie expenditure.

Black pepper extract - this works inside the cells to boost metabolic processes and also helps to speed up the fat burning process.

Niacin - it helps to reduce the levels of low-density lipoprotein in blood.

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Media coverage of the pill

Any product that’s endorsed by a celebrity usually receives apparent acclaim, mainly stemming from the extensive media coverage. Capsiplex too has not been spared the media buzz, owing to its endorsement by a number of high flying celebrities, who have sworn to its successful effects.

Obviously, it pays to receive some positive media coverage and capsiplex has capitalized on that. However, people are increasingly becoming jaded of celebrity endorsed products, especially those dealing with fast weight loss. If a product’s efficacy has been proven through substantive clinical trials, it speaks for itself.  

Does capsiplex really work?

It’s the million dollar question surrounding the hyped capsiplex pill. For one, red hot chilli extracts have long been used in various weight loss formulations, but the ability to consume usable doses without irritation is open for debate.

Capsiplex overcomes any discomfort by use of its patented outer layer, which facilitates the assimilation of capsicum without any issues. You can therefore expect to obtain all its full benefits without having to worry about irritation.

Any pros and cons?

As with anything, however good, there must be some downside. So does capsiplex. Advantages include: helps you shed up to 18 lbs a month by burning 278 calories every day; unlike most chilli based pills, capsiplex is not associated with any irritation.

Its main downside is that celebrity-endorsed products are sometimes disingenuous. Its reviews are also somewhat mixed, with some swearing by it, while others treating it as no different from other chilli-based diet pills that have been around for some time.

It’s worth noting that no diet pill can completely replace a sound nutrition plan, coupled with regular exercise, for a weight loss program. In any case, supplements should be approached with caution. It’s always advisable to  consult your doctor before embarking on any supplement.

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truth about abs