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Fat Burning Foods

Excess fat in the body is the primary cause of obesity and overweight problems. It’s pretty obvious then that to lose weight, you need to devise means of burning off the excess fat.

There are frankly two major ways that you can burn off excess fat in the body; that is exercise, and eating the right type of foods.

While dietary fat is generally not good for the body, there are some types that are essential for its proper functioning, such as monounsaturated fats.

In fact, certain types of monounsaturated fats have disease preventing properties, like reducing the amounts of ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) in blood.  

Saturated fats are the harmful type of fats often found in red fatty meat, full-cream dairy, and butter. The extremely bad fats you want to avoid at all costs are the processed (man-made) fats or trans fats.

Health problems arising from excess fat include: heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and a host of other obesity related ailments.

Eat your way to less fat

One effortless way to lose weight is by eating foods that aid the burning of excess fat in the body. Before you can start eating though, you need a basic understanding of how fats get deposited in the body.

The body obtains energy from the food you eat. This ‘energy’ that is present in a particular kind of food is measured in terms of calories, meaning that the more calories a food type contains, the more energy the body can extract.

However, the body also has to use up energy to digest food in order to extract its energy value – so basically, a small portion of ‘old energy’ is used to acquire ‘new energy’. The harder the food is to breakdown, the more energy is used by the body to digest it.

Food contains 3 macro-nutrients (energy or fuel units), which are proteins (1g = 4 calories), fats (1g = 9 calories) and carbohydrates (1g = 4 calories). Basically, the body can extract twice the amount of calories in proteins or carbohydrates from an equal amount of  fat.

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When you eat food, the body extracts energy from those basic macro nutrients through digestion and assimilation. Part of the energy got is used for the body’s sustenance and other functional needs and the excess energy is stored as ‘fat’ in fat cells, and some is deposited in the liver and around the kidneys.

So, how can food aid in burning the very fat it helps to bring in the body? The fact is that certain foods can help reduce through these ways:

• Some foods have particular minerals or vitamins that increase metabolism and therefore boost the fat burning process. Hence, these foods act as virtual fat burners.

• Some other foods have a low caloric content while they require a lot of energy to breakdown, so they act as virtual calorie burners.

• Other foods have low caloric content yet they are highly satiable.

• Certain cooking methods ensure that a low calorie content of food is retained after cooking.

List of such foods includes the following:

• Vegetables – very rich in minerals

• Oats, barn cereal and raisin – highly satiable insoluble fiber

• Lentils – very rich in minerals and plant proteins while low on calories

• Poultry – as long as you avoid the skin, poultry meat – like chicken – is rich in protein while low in fat and carbohydrates.

• Walnuts and almonds – highly satiable and nutritious snacks with lots of good fats. Read this article for the benefits of nuts in your diet.

• Water – doesn’t really count as food but nevertheless very vital for fat loss. It improves the metabolism process.

• Salmon – great source of protein and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

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