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Fat Burning Furnace Review

fat burning furnace

Fat Is the Fat Burning Furnace system a scam? You’re about to find out in this honest and in-depth review of this program.

The Fat Burning Furnace system was written by Rob Poulos and his wife Kalen Poulos. It is available in e-book format as a downloadable PDF file, or in print copy delivered to your address.

At $39.97, you get the plain e-book minus the video collection, which are part of the $69.97 package.

Read our indepth review of Fat Burning Furnace to get an insight of this revolutionary fat loss course...

What you’ll find in the 160-page e-book guide

• Nutrient packed recipes

• Ultimate success toolkit

• Email coaching for a full year

• Workout logs

• Body Fat percentage analyzer

• Metabolic rate calculator

• Free updates for a full year

Comprehensive Video Review of Fat Burning Furnace

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The secrets behind the program

fat burning furnaceFat Burning Furnace is premised on two secrets that have been known in the athletics world for years now but nevertheless easy to follow by anyone:

• The first secret - instead of urging you to spend hours in the gym performing different cardio and strength training workouts, this programs makes use of simple and proven procedure that ensures your workouts are not lengthy but remain powerful.

The author uses a combination of improved high intensity strength training with cardio workouts. He termed this program the ‘15 minute Miracle’. Note that in reality, it can take more than 15 minutes to complete but it still holds to its promise of shortening your exercise time by half while significantly improving your fitness level.

• The second secret – fuel your body by eating healthy, nutrient-rich food. While this is not entirely a new thing, the eating plan in the book is quite unique. You’ll learn how calories differ and which ones are easier to process by your body.

You’ll be surprised to learn that some low calorie foods actually set your body into fat-accumulation mode – giving them a much higher caloric impact than what is printed on the package. You will learn the foods that will help you shed fat naturally and maintain a lean body.

These two secrets – the eating plan and the exercise routine – utilize the most up-to-date health information and enhanced techniques for health, weight loss and health.

fat burning furnace

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High intensity strength training

The concept here is that as the RMR – resting metabolic rate - increases, our body turns into a ‘fat burning furnace’, by virtue of increased muscle mass and decreased body fat. To some people, ‘high intensity’ may seem demanding but the truth is that most of the workouts illustrated in the program are very manageable.

You’ll find the proper techniques for lifting weights and a complete section for beginners, for individuals who have not lifted weights before or those who’ve taken long.

Another thing with Fat Burning Furnace is that there are no cardio workouts. The ‘15 Minute Miracle’ was designed specifically to replace the cardio routines.

The good points

• The diet is easy to follow 

• The exercise program is efficient and easy

• There’s an elaborate weight lifting section

• It suits vegetarians as well

• Aims for long term health benefits

The not-so-good points

• Needs some meal preparation

• Places severe restrictions on sugar, processed foods and alcohol

In a nut shell, this is a well researched program that is backed by many positive results from thousands of satisfied users.

fat burning furnace

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