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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review 

fat loss 4 idiots reviewFat Loss 4 Idiots is an extremely popular diet guide, based on calorie cycling and changing your food consumption, which helps to boost metabolism.

The program follows a cycle of 11 days where you have to adhere to a regulated set of food guidelines, and then you’re given an allowance of 3 days to ‘cheat’ – basically eating whatever you want. The cycle is then restarted and repeated until the desired goal is reached.

The diet program claims that you can lose up to 9 pounds in just 11 days, but most likely, much of this weight is water, since it’s not very practical for the human body to shed that much fat in a very short time. However, you’ll most probably shed some fat in the process.

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The Fat Loss 4 Idiots program is premised on the following basics:

• Having four meals a day

• Limiting intake of protein and carbs in alternate turns

• Cooking your own meals

• Drinking a lot of water

• Eating fewer sweets

• Walking for physical activity

• Eating what’s enough, not until you’re full

These are pretty simple basics to go by. The program makes an effort to make it as simple as possible for dieters to easily build and stick to a diet plan.

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The recipes

fat loss 4 idiots reviewFat Loss 4 Idiots is not one of those programs you could really call a low fat or low carb diet. In any case, it seems as though it has a bit of everything, which is a refreshing change from the usual ‘fad’ diets that dwell on a single thing, or getting rid of one thing, like Atkins.

The program comprises a moderately sufficient amount of carbs, so you can expect fewer cravings. However, a lot of starchy carbs like pasta, bread and potatoes, are excluded.

Another interesting thing about this program is that there are no limits to calories and portions. The advice is to eat until ‘satisfied, not full’. Admittedly, this may sound unclear for some but in actual sense, it encourages some level of self control.

Wine lovers are allowed a glass of wine. Vegetarians were not left out either, and they will be pleased to learn that the plan includes a vegetarian option, consisting of a number of nuts and soy substitutes.

The good points

• The program delivers on most of its promises. It consists of a number of no-nonsense guidelines which you have to strictly adhere to realize those promises.

• There are hardly any complicated, science-jargon weight loss terms that are hard to grasp. All you have to do is follow the diet. It is perfect for those who want to shed the pounds without first having to slog through the complete book before finally getting to the point.

• It is generally well balanced, albeit the high protein content.

The bad points

• While Fat Loss 4 Idiots can help you lose weight if followed to the letter, it is, on the whole, plain and boring. So, it really gets hard to stick to it for a long time.

• It seems to suit short term weight loss, which generally isn’t a good thing. One way to resolve this is by using it for a short term goal, and then gradually change your eating habits for the better.


Many of those who have used it have given good feedback about it. It seems to suit those who don’t want to be bothered by the science behind weight loss.

fat loss 4 idiots

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