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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass is a surgery used to treat morbidly obese individuals who have been unable to lose weight with other methods.

The surgery is especially useful to individuals who suffer from other health problems that stem from their obesity.

It is often difficult for people to lose large amounts of weight and keep it off. This surgery helps individuals not only lose the weight but keeps them from gaining it back.

This surgery uses two different methods to help the individual lose weight. The surgery makes the stomach area smaller by sectioning off part of it, making it so that food only enters the smaller area. In addition, the surgery repositions the small intestine so that food only goes through part of it.

By making the stomach smaller, the individual feels full much faster as is unable to eat as much food. The food then goes through a smaller part of the small intestine, which keeps the body from absorbing all of the food and nutrients. Both of these things help the individual to lose large amounts of weight.

After surgery, the individual is unable to eat or drink much food at all. They must follow a strict schedule in order to keep themselves from getting sick. It is important that they sip water throughout the day to keep themselves from getting dehydrated, since the stomach is too small to hold much water at a time.

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At first, they may experience pain from the surgery. They are only able to eat very soft foods and liquids. Solid food will slowly be added back into the diet. It is very important for the individual to pay attention so as not to overeat, as the amount of food it takes to make them full is a very small amount.

It is also important to avoid drinking liquids that have a very high calorie count, as this will make it difficult for them to lose weight. Activity may also have to be watched during this time. It is imperative that the individual follow the instructions given to him by the doctor.

Gastric Bypass can be an expensive surgery and insurance companies often require a detailed history of the individual in order to cover it. Obtaining this history can take time since the insurance company wants the doctor and patient to prove that the surgery is necessary for the patient’s well being.

The surgery has many risks, especially if instructions are not followed completely. This is why most doctors will not provide the surgery unless they know the individual has been unable to lose weight using other methods. However, gastric bypass is also one of the most successful weight loss surgeries available.

It can greatly improve the health of the individual as well as their quality of life. A person may lose half of their extra weight in just two years, as much as 20 pounds a month. This allows the individual to lead a more active lifestyle, often allowing them to participate in life in ways that were previously impossible.

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