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Get Fit on a Shoestring Budget

Joining a gym can be very expensive, making it seem impossible for some people to get fit. But having access to a gym is not necessary for a person who wants to get their body into better shape.

There are many simple things that can be done at home without much, if any, cost to you.

One very important thing about getting fit is doing simple, daily stretches. From touching your toes to stretching your calves, none of this has to cost anything.

Each day, spend some time stretches. Sit on the floor with your legs to each side. Reach for your toes, getting your head as close to your knee as possible. You should be able to feel your muscles stretching. Next, lean to the middle, putting your face close to the ground.

Stand up and pull one foot up behind you, grabbing your ankle with your hand. Pull it up slowly, feeling the stretch. Do this with both legs. While standing, turn from side to side as far as you can, stretching your back and sides. Touch your toes. Anything that causes your body to feel stretched out helps to start your body on the path to becoming fit.

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There are also many simple ways to exercise at home. Go for a run outside. Wear a watch and keep track of how long you can run. Try to lengthen that time as you progress. Do sit-ups and jumping jacks in your house. Even playing football or basketball outside is exercise.

Anything that can get your body moving, and all of these things can be done without spending any money. The more you do it, the more fit you will become. You will feel it as your body gets into better shape, and you will feel better about many aspects of your life.

If you want to build muscle, it is easy to make homemade weights. Take an empty milk or soda bottle and fill it with water or sand. Replace the cap and you have a simple weight to use with other exercises you can do at home.

Another great way to save money when trying to get fit is to remember all of the video sites available. Websites like have many workout videos available to watch for free. These classes cost a lot of money at the gym, but are free for you to watch online. Be sure to look through them all to find the ones that are best for you.

There are thousands of things that you can do to get fit without spending much money. Just remember to use your imagination and whatever resources you have available. There are many stretches and exercises that you can do at home, but there are also a lot of things you can use get yourself in shape, that aren’t even considered a workout.

Go play a game outside. Go for a jog. Learn to jump rope. The options are endless, it really depends on how far you can get creative physically.

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