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Going Raw for Weight Loss

Few things are better for weight loss than healthy eating. Many people believe that there is no healthier way to eat than to go on a raw diet. This is a diet that has been very effective for many individuals.

The raw diet consists of eating food that has not been cooked in any way. This obviously includes raw fruits, vegetables, and grains. Many of those that eat raw do it in a vegan way, but some people eat raw eggs, unpasteurized cheeses, fish, etc.

In a raw food diet, the food can never be cooked at a temperature above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. This is usually done with a food dehydrator, which can be used to dry out fruit and make vegetables crunchier.

It is believed that cooking food above these temperatures kills the natural enzymes in it. When we eat cooked food, our body has to use its own enzymes, but creating these is difficult and results in a more tired individual. By eating raw food, we give ourselves more energy, which usually results in more calories being burned.

Raw food is rich in nutrients and low in fat. This is one of the reasons why the diet is so effective. Also, the dieter is encouraged to avoid the raw foods that have higher fat content, like avocadoes and nuts - or should be consumed in moderation since they contain heart-healthy oils.

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In a raw food diet, the weight is sometimes lost so quickly that an individual develops a low bone mass. Individuals eating raw food also suffer from a lack of vitamin B12, iron, and zinc. Because of this, raw food eaters have to be careful about their nutrition, sometimes taking multivitamins to make up for what they are missing.

Another issue that arises with the raw food diet is that the dieter often becomes sick for the first two weeks or so. The dieter’s body is not used to eating and digesting solely raw foods, and this often results in headaches, loss of alertness, nausea, etc.

Dieter’s also often struggle with the fact that they have to eat a larger amount of food than they are used to, although they will still find that they have lost weight. Sometimes the sickness is overwhelming to the individual, and it is difficult to keep doing the diet.

However, for most people, the pros outweigh the cons in this diet. While going raw will help you to lose weight, many believe that it is a lifestyle, not just a diet. They believe that it helps not only the way that you look, but the way that you feel, and that a person who does it will choose to follow it for all of its benefits, not just until they have lost the desired amount of weight.

There are many possibilities for trouble with this diet, but those that are strict followers believe completely in its effectiveness. They claim a happier and more healthful life in addition to having lost all that extra weight. Check out our review on easy veggie meal plans for a good alternative.

It’s always safer to consult your doctor prior to switching to a raw food diet.

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