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Healthy Ice Cream Bars

Eating healthy isn’t always easy, especially for someone with a sweet tooth. But the demand for healthier versions of ice cream is forcing companies to come up with newer, better-for-you options.

While these ice cream bars may not be full of vitamins and minerals, many have a calorie count that competes with low-fat yogurt and many other healthy snacks, offering a different healthy choice that will likely help satisfy some cravings!

With options like these arriving in the market, eating delicious and healthy things is becoming a simple thing.

There are several different low calorie ice cream bars out there. Many well-known weight loss companies have come out with their own ice cream bars. Skinny Cow has new ice cream sandwiches, each having only 140 calories. Healthy Choice has three different ice cream bars.

Their Mocha Swirl only has 90 calories. Healthy Choice’s fudge bar has only 80, and their ice cream sandwich has 130. Weight Watchers has begun carrying a sorbet ice cream bar that has a mere 60 calories.

However, these are not the only companies offering ice cream bars with fewer calories. Breyer’s has released a 160 calorie bar and Klondike’s “Slim-A-Bear” boasts only 100 calories. Many more healthy versions of ice cream can be found as well, by simply paying attention to what your choices are.

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However, there are other frozen bars out there that have always offered a low calorie count. Most types of fudgesicles and creamsicles only have about one hundred calories. Fruit bars also come without many calories, and many are made with real fruit juices. Remember that frozen yogurt and sorbet almost always have fewer calories than regular ice cream. Most of these can be found at any grocery store. They are readily available for everyone.

While calories are important when looking for a healthy snack, it is also necessary to look at the other nutritional facts. The levels of saturated fats vary immensely in ice cream bars, and are something that a health-conscious eater should watch. Saturated fats can affect things as important as a person’s cardiovascular health, and many types of ice cream have extremely high levels.

Some of these ice cream bars contain more protein than their competitors, while others contain more fiber. It is important to always look at the nutrition facts when purchasing these types of snacks, paying attention to what each bar offers as well as what you are already ingesting in your diet.

These new snack options for dieters are making dieting much easier for individuals. The options vary immensely offering choice for everyone, if only they are willing to look for them. Ice cream bars are just one of the many snacks that are now coming out with healthier, lower calorie versions, and you can expect this to continue since these items are in such high demand.

With this popularity, the number and type of healthy ice cream bars will continue to grow, and dieters everywhere will be able to find something that fits into their diet. So, go ahead and indulge your favorite healthy ice-cream bar.

eating for energy

eating for energy