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Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

What we eat directly affects our weight; that’s a fact. When it comes to permanent weight loss, the impact of food is even bigger.

Some foods contain a high caloric amount - such as nuts – while others are very low in calories.

But most importantly, foods that aid in weight loss should be low in calories and saturated fats, and then be complemented with other well balanced foods.

In order to get the full benefits of a weight loss recipe, you need to prepare and cook it for the exact benefits it can give. Going on the extremes – over cooking or undercooking – may not give you the full benefits. Going by specific recipes may not be practical  for everyone, so it is better to understand the basics, and then tweak your individual diets to be within weight loss limits.

To start with, every food or ingredient that is considered unhealthy has a substitute. For instance you can swap vegetable oil, which has a high saturated fat content, for olive oil. You can go for sliced baked potatoes garnished with onions, spices and some olive oil, instead of the traditional

French fries deep fried in oil. Sour cream is another food in this substitute category that contains a lot of fats. A perfect substitute for this would be to blend cottage cheese with non-fat yoghurt, which tastes almost the same as the cream but with fewer calories. There are many substitutes you could make and you’ll be surprised how much calories you could slash.

Another feature which you could consider is to be more creative and come up with your own weight loss recipes. It doesn’t take expert nutritional knowledge to know which foods are high in calories and fats.

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Food indexes are readily available, not just online but even from dieticians, which contain vital nutritional information. The good thing with experimenting is that you can easily come up with a recipe which you markedly love. Remember, all recipes being touted as healthy today were a result of this same experimenting and creativity.

The thing that is very important and one you should be keen on is your willingness to sustain your experimentation with various healthy recipes. You will find that a number of recipes require ingredients which might be a little too expensive for you. If you choose to go the creative way, ensure that the recipes you create are sustainable, both on the financial side and on the preparation side.

Recipes number in the thousands and personal tastes are different. Instead of reading a book on recipes, it is better to learn how to identify which ones are good for health. When you’re looking for healthy recipes, you should use three guidelines:

• Presence of healthy ingredients – whole grains, fresh fruits, healthy oils, lean meats, low-fat dairy, among others.

• Absence of unhealthy ingredients – fatty foods, processed foods, sugary foods, refined flour and products made with it, among others.

• Method used to cook – this is usually an over-looked but extremely important factor for healthy recipes. Deep frying and pan frying should be shunned whenever possible. Cooking vegetables in a microwave is better than boiling them in water.

You should basically consider recipes that allow baking, roasting, sautéing or microwave cooking.

easy veggie meal plans

easy veggie meal plans