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Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

You’ve got rumblings in your stomach yet you still have hours to go till lunch. You want to reach for a snack but you also know that you have to watch what you eat – because your diet program says so.

The fact is, you don’t really need to starve yourself because of a weight loss diet.

There are a variety of healthy snacks that can perfectly complement your diet, as long as they are well planned. It’s usual to feel guilty when you snack but snacks are not unhealthy per se.

It is how you snack that makes the difference. In any case, any healthy weight-loss diet plan worth its salt includes healthy snacks to prevent binge eating through proper hunger management.

How to choose healthy snacks

A healthy snack should be able to fill you up while at the same time providing the nourishment and energy that your body needs. A healthy snack should be not be more than 100 calories to help you stay within your daily limits.  Carrots, air-popped popcorn and grapes are examples of low-density energy snacks that you can have in plenty.

Foods to eat as snacks

Whole grains: snacks made from whole grain foods are rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber, which are slow-releasing energy sources. Good choices here include whole grain crackers that are low in fat, pretzels and crisp breads.

Nuts and seeds: nuts are protein laden so they can help you stay full for longer. They also have a high fat content, albeit the good monounsaturated fats. However, you need to watch the amount of nuts you eat because they are high in calories.

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Fruits and vegetables: these are the best foods to snack on because they contain minimal amounts of calories. Even if you eat fruits in abundance, you’ll still be on the good side because of their abundance of vitamins, minerals, fiber, among other nutrients.

Skim milk and low-fat dairy foods: dairy foods such as yoghurt, cheese, and milk are excellent sources of protein and calcium, in addition to minerals and vitamins. However, you need to be cautious with some dairy foods because they may still contain a high fat content. Some yoghurt varieties have more sugar so look out for sugarless or ‘light’ alternatives.

Example of a 100-calorie snack

While snacks can be part of a healthy diet, they can easily lead to a fast calorie pile-up if you’re not controlling your snacking. For instance, just about 14 almonds contain 100 calories. So if you eat a cup of almonds, you could easily pile-up about 800 calories. 

Here are examples of healthy snacks you want integrate into your diet:

• 1 cup of chocolate pudding – fat free

• Peanuts – not more than 2 tablespoons

• Melba toast crackers, pumpernickel or rye – not more than 5

• Carrots

• A cup of bananas and raspberries

• Air-popped popcorn

There are also some snacks that can fill in for meals. A little nourishment is much better than nothing at all. Fill your refrigerator with good-for-you snacks which will make it easier for you than fussy snacks. Just ensure that you plan your snacking and have your snacks in the right proportions.

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