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Healthy Weight Loss

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Many people want to lose weight but only a few manage to successfully shed excess fat. The problem for most of those who don’t succeed is because they use unhealthy ways to lose weight.

The key to successful weight loss is to use proven healthy weight loss techniques.

We live in a fast, eat-and-run, generous-portion world; a typical big city life. It can be such a feat trying to maintain a healthy weight, let alone losing excess weight.

The abundance of ‘quick-fix’ solutions only makes the grim situation worse. It’s easy to understand why some people who’ve tried and failed to lose weight think that diets are not right for them. In a sense, they may be right because essentially, traditional diets are at best a short term solution.

On the other hand, there are various ways you can lose weight successfully while not stretching healthy bounds. It is really about a series of small but very powerful changes you have to make to be successful. The crucial thing is to come up with a plan that includes a variety of healthy choices, shunning common dieting mistakes, and developing a healthier relationship with food.

The science of weight loss

Weight is an act of balancing, with a simple equation: if you consume more calories than you expend, you’ll gain weight. If your body burns more calories than you consume, you’ll lose weight.

Since 1 pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories, it means that you’ll lose about one pound every week if you slash 500 calories from your daily diet. Seems pretty straight forward but if that’s the case, why is weight loss such a hassle?

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All too often, people make weight loss much harder than what it really is by using extreme measures that instead leave them craving and starving. It is very possible and even more practical to lose weight by choosing smarter everyday choices, like adding an organic multivitamin to your diet.

How to get started

Granted, there is no single solution that works for everyone but the following proven guidelines can help put you on a path to success:

• Focus on changing your lifestyle, not short-term fix: The fact is there’s no quick-fix solution that can achieve permanent weight loss. Instead, you should look at weight loss as a lifetime commitment that is going to need you to alter your lifestyle in the long run. While a number of diets can help you jumpstart the weight loss process, eventually, it’s going to take more than a diet to achieve success.
• Go slow and steady: A healthy weight loss is usually 1 to 2 pounds a week. When you lose weight drastically fast, rest assured that you’ll gain it back in no time because it will leave your body depleted, drained and sluggish, which will cause you to eat uncontrollably again.

• Set realistic goals: When you set unrealistic goals and inevitably fail to meet them, you’ll easily lose morale. On the other hand, realistic goals keep you motivated so focus on the things that matter, such as the benefits you stand to reap with a leaner body, other than wanting to fit in some outfit.

• Make use of progress tracking tools: weigh yourself every two weeks or so, and record what you eat in a journal. This helps you to see your weight loss results in black and white, thus keep motivated.

Remember, it might take some time to find a comfortable lifestyle. Keep experimenting until you feel comfortable with your new change.

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Healthy Weight Loss | Healthy Ways to Lose Weight