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Hoodia Diet Pills for Men

Hoodia diet pills are a popular appetite suppressant for men. Some reviews have rated hoodia as the best natural diet supplement for weight loss. However, reviews are subject to personal bias.

The pill’s main ingredient is the plant extract Hoodia Gordhini, isolated from a cactus-like herb of the same name.

Many hoodia supplements also contain Bioperine, which is believed to increase absorption levels of hoodia by 30 percent. 

What is Hoodia?

Hoodia is a herb that was native to Southern African countries (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Angola), and was widely used by indigenous hunting communities for years as a hunger suppressant during hunting expeditions. It was also used to sooth minor infections of the stomach and digestive system.

The hoodia plant grows in various species but the gordhini variant is the one with the most potent extract. Currently, the hoodia plant is still grown mainly in South Africa. The plant is expensive to cultivate and process.

How Hoodia works

Scientists picked interest in the herb after being intrigued by its ability to suppress appetite, for which purpose indigenous hunters used the herb. As such, they were able to extract the active ingredient in the plant, the molecule p57. The p57 molecule is thought to have an effect on the hypothalamus gland of the brain, which regulates appetite, thirst, hunger, body temperature and circadian cycles.

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When ingested, the molecule releases a glucose-like hormone that mimics glucose effects on the brain, there by creating a satiation effect such that you are less inclined to eat. Consequently, this helps to reduce on calorie intake when trying to lose weight. It is believed to cut calorie intake by over 7000 a week, and with some exercise, you could expect to shed more than two pounds a week.

There hasn’t been any reported side effects of hoodia diet pills even with prolonged use. Since hoodia is purely a natural supplement, it does not contain any stimulants that can cause undesirable side effects. Some websites marketing the pills report that over 90 percent of clients are repeat customers.

How to buy genuine Hoodia diet pills

Hoodia is widely available as a non-prescription supplement. Due to its popularity as a weight loss supplement, the demand for hoodia diet pills has become enormous. As such, it follows that many fakes are on the market too.

Authentic hoodia is usually certified by CITES (Convention in international trade of endangered species), for the United States department of agriculture, which inspects growing of the herb to ensure it meets strict standards.

Why you should choose hoodia

While there’s a host of other dieting pills laden with chemicals, hoodia is 100 natural. That means you are safeguarded from all the potential side effects of chemicals typical of most pills, such as insomnia, risk of stroke or heart attack.

It’s worth noting that nothing can really fully replace a healthy, well cooked balanced meal. When you decide to use any dietary supplements, ensure that you have all your meals that include all the essential foods.

Living on supplements alone is dangerous and may lead to serious health effects. Besides, you can not lose weight by swallowing pills alone. While they may help curb your appetite, they will not burn any fat. 

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