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How to Get Rid of Love Handles

They may be referred to as “love handles,” but there is absolutely nothing that anyone loves about them. Thick layers of fat that hugs the midsection, most people try their best to part ways with them.

Although it takes effort, anyone can learn how to get rid of love handles and develop a smooth and thin midsection for a healthier body.

Love handles are more than just a case of unsightly fat around the middle. Besides affecting the way people look in their clothes, they can also be a sign of poor health or deadly health issues.

Excess fat around the midsection can be a sign of, or can contribute to possible heart attacks, strokes, cancers, and diabetes, just to name a few issues. The good thing is that reducing love handles also reduces the risk level of these issues.

This is more of a reason to eliminate flabby fat around the mirror than looking better in clothes—although improved appearance is a great additional benefit in losing weight fast.

The downside is that you cannot spot-reduce fat in this area. Just fat on any part of the body, you cannot target exercises or eat a certain way to only lose fat in that particular area. Rather, fat reduction will have to take an overall approach. Eating a healthy diet and exercising the entire body is the best and quickest way to dissolve unwanted abdominal fat.

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The key to get rid of love handles is activity. Whether it’s cardio or circuit training, movement and getting your heart rate up is the best way to raise your heart rate and burn fat. Consider cardio such as classes at your gym, biking, swimming, or even running.

Find an activity you enjoy so that you will be able to do it for at least 30 minutes, three times a week, or more. The important thing about your cardio is the intensity and getting to your target heart rate.

With interval training, you will arrange for brief spots of intense exercise and follow it up with lighter exercise that will allow you to recover. Alternating these levels of activities trains your body to effectively burn fat.

In addition to interval training, a strength training program should be added to gain the best results at the quickest rate possible. Strength training allows for you to build muscle, and muscle burns fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat your burn, and the more love handles you lose.

Include in your workout program exercises that effective work your “obliques.” These are the abdominal muscles that run along the sides, and often are the most neglected muscles during exercise. Some of the exercises you want to try are leg flutters or superman, twist crunches where you alternate knee to opposite elbow, and standing trunk twists.

Also, as with any fat loss program, a well-balanced and healthy diet rich with lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains are essential. Combining a healthy diet, with interval training and strength training will get rid of love handles and will minimize health risk factors as well as improve appearance.

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