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Belly Fat Exercises

Belly fat is one obstacles between your current amorphous shape and the physique of your dreams. Many people focus on working the abdominal region to lose belly fat, neglecting the rest of the body.

While abdominal exercises can help to build a stronger abdomen, they may not make your belly slimmer. The truth is that effective exercises that cut belly fat are ones that work the whole body because the body loses fat evenly.

When you engage your body in appropriate workouts, fat deposits from all body areas will start to melt, e.g. fat around the belly, the thighs, the buttocks, legs and arms. From this viewpoint, it is clear that belly fat exercises are nothing more than normal gym routines or any physical activities that represent a rounded approach to weight loss.

Before we can dive into belly fat exercises, we need to learn what might not work so that we avoid wasting efforts. Sit-ups and crunches are good for making abdominal muscles firmer. However, these muscles are encased in the adipose tissue, thus, they will be invisible under a layer of fat. In addition, these abdominal workout exercises also cause muscle to grow in mass, which will keep your waistline big.

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With that in mind, it’s important to consider a few things when starting a belly fat workout routine: nutrition and your personal preferences. A nutrition plan suitable for belly fat loss is one that is clean and lean, free of fatty foods and excess calories. Ensure that only a healthy caloric count is consumed so that you stay energized for the exercises.

When it comes to personal preferences, you should choose what works better for your body. A fitness coach will help you on this. Do these simple home exercises in parallel with fat burning aerobics, then cardio and interval training for toning.

Try abdominal hollowing routines to get the deep abdominal muscles worked. Basically, you get down on your knees with your hands touching the ground; let your stomach hang down and take deep breaths while holding that position; take one deep breath and then breath out as you gently draw your tummy inward toward the spine; hold that position for about 10 seconds then release and rest for another 10 seconds; make as many repetitions as you can.

Another simple home routine to tone the lower abdomen is the pelvic tilts; lie down flat with your back on the floor and your knees bent upwards and feet touching down; slightly raise your pelvic upwards while tightening your abdominals, with your back pressing hard against the floor; hold for about 10 seconds and make up to 20 repetitions. You can achieve the same results with pelvic lifts.

Compliment these routines with interval training, which goes beyond burning excess calories consumed, to melting actual body fat. The best way to do interval training is to alternate between low and high intensity workouts. remember, with cardio, it’s about speed and time; 30 to 40 minutes of high intensity workouts everyday give the best results because your body’s metabolism is charged up, natural growth hormones are stimulated and overall body fat burns faster.

In summary, to effectively burn belly fat, combine abdominal routines with calorie burning aerobics, coupled with fat melting interval workouts or aerobic cross-training exercises.

burn the fat

burn the fat