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Lose Belly Fat With These Easy Steps

Belly fat has been enemy number one for dieters and non-dieters alike. Excess flab around the midsection is not only unattractive, but now it has become the focus of health issues.

Belly fat is a leading indicator to many health issues such as heart disease, hypertension and high cholesterol, and diabetes.

The focus of many now is learning how to lose belly fat not only to look better, but to live healthier and longer. But it can seems impossible to lose.

Try as we may, there is no way to exercise and spot reduce belly fat or fat in any single area of the body. Rather, it requires an overall approach, but with emphasis on the midsection. Taking an overall approach, you can lose belly fat with these easy steps.

Manage Your Diet

There is no diet to target belly fat. Rather, an overall well balanced diet is important and will benefit the entire body—including belly fat—in a weight loss plan. A diet rich in fiber helps to reduce the increase of additional fat. Adding at least ten grams of insoluble fiber to the diet will help to maintain current levels as you focus on losing fat.

This can be achieved through adding apples, pinto beans, green peas, and high fiber bread to an eating plan. Modifying your diet to include lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, and reducing sugars, oils, processed foods, and alcohols will aid in belly fat loss. Eating foods such as broccoli, red peppers, and green tea will boost your metabolism will also help in burning fat.

Drink Water

Water is important to weight reduction and fat loss. When fat is broken down, water is needed to carry it, and all of the other toxins produced in the process, out of the body. Water also replenishes lost fluids from metabolic functions and exercise. To ensure steady weight and fat loss, a minimum of eight glasses of water per day is necessary.

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Cardio Exercises

Exercising 30 minutes a day at least 4 days a week helps to both trim fat and slow the build-up of fat in all areas of the body. The cardio exercise should be vigorous activity such as jogging, brisk incline walking, elliptical trainers, and stationary bikes to name just a few.

For those starting out or severely obese people, even moderate activity marks a good start at reducing fat. Try activities such as walking, yard work, or continuous house work. Be sure to work hard enough to raise your heart level to the appropriate target range for your age group.

Core Exercises

Exercises that target the muscles in the abdomen will help to flatten the belly while fat is being lost. Plank exercises, crunches, and abdominal machines at a gym will help to structure the stomach muscles.

Learn Stress Management

Added stress has been linked to the build-up of belly fat. While stressful situations may not be controlled, responses to it can be. Stress can be managed through exercise, relaxation activities, mediation, or pleasurable hobbies.

Get Plenty of Rest

The right amount of rest will help you to lose belly fat. Both too much and too little rest can adversely affect belly fat and cause a build-up. Getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep will aid in the proper loss of body fat along with other factors.

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