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How to Lose Weight In Your Thighs

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Every time you splurge on a piece of cake or an order of french fries, you swear it goes straight to your thighs. And the toughest thing to do seems to be keeping those thighs in shape and losing the excess weight.

But it’s not all impossible. You can lose weight in your thighs, although it may take some effort and commitment on your part.

It’s not just a problem of the overweight. Even people of an ideal size or smaller can have flabby thighs and a desire to slim them.

Most women store a large amount of body fat in this area before they reach menopause. This is said to for the ability to feed a baby during pregnancy and in breastfeeding. Hormones and enzymes are said to navigate unused calories to the fat cells in hips and thighs.

In addition, some people are genetically designed to store more fat in the lower portions of their bodies, resulting in pear shaped body types. These natural dispositions may make it difficult for you to lose weight in your thighs, but not entirely impossible to burn thigh fat for a slimmer appearance.

While this may be of little comfort for those looking to trim their thighs, it’s actually a plus over gaining weight in other areas of the body. For instance, having a high percentage of fat around the abdomen can lead to risk factors such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

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While slimmer thighs may be desired, it doesn’t alone lead to health issues as does belly fat. Fat stored in the thighs is less likely than abdomen fat to flow into the bloodstream and clog the arteries and it is a little harder to eliminate than abdomen fat.

To lose weight in your thighs, you will need to start an exercise program. Exercise will not only burn fat, but will stabilize hormone levels. It will also stimulate blood flow to all areas of your body, including your thighs, and promote healthy tissue connectivity. With the consumption of at least eight glasses of water per day, the improved blood circulation will allow for the removal of toxins and excess fluid in the body and thighs.

An exercise program with cardio at least five days a week will aid in weight loss. If you’re new to exercise, start slow with about ten minutes of walking or maybe an elliptical trainer or bike at the gym. Each week, increase your time and intensity, and add additional cardio options such as running, swimming, or aerobics. This will promote rapid weight loss over the entire body.

Strength training should be added with exercises to slim and tone the thighs. Various exercises can be done to work different muscles of the thighs to shape the entire thigh. Outer thighs can be trained by performing side planks with leg lifts. Ten reps on each side will work the thighs, abs, and gluts.

The inner thighs can be targeted with a pillow squeeze. This would require placing a pillow between the knees while seated and pressing inward. Three sets of twelve repetitions are recommended. Exercises like seated leg raises will help to shape the front of the thighs.

With performing thigh targeted exercises along with cardio and a well-balanced and healthy diet, you can be on your way to thinner thighs in no time.

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How to Lose Weight In Your Thighs | How to Lose Leg Fat