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How to Prevent on the Job Weight Gain

Obesity officially became an epidemic in America during the last two decades. Statistics put the percentage of obese Americans at 20.

The number of overweight children is on an upward trend too. It seems like Americans love their food, and their sedentary lifestyles.

Although no single factor can be blamed for the worrying trend, sedentary lifestyles have had a huge impact on the fattening of America.

In one survey, it was discovered that sitting behind a desk on a ‘9 to 5’ contributes 49 percent to on-the-job weight gain. Others include stress, fast food, skipping meals and work-place parties. Its not all bleak though.

Here are several things you can proactively do to prevent your waistline from bulging.

- As a first measure, increase your mobility at work. Granted, getting off your desk every five minutes may land you a warning letter, but what about avoiding the elevator for good? What about walking home? It may seem small but over time, it makes a big difference. Put in a little effort now to save money in the future treating weight-related diseases.

- Many employers are becoming aware of the benefits of keeping their employees fit. As a result, in-house gyms at the office are a common thing now. Schedule a daily exercise at your office gym (if you are privileged to have one). Use this free facility to full advantage of your health.

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- Go slow on office snacks and take out lunches. Take out lunch is very tempting and convenient, but steer clear of it. Apart from the generous portions with a high caloric count, you’ll be thankful that your wallet is less drained at the end of the month.

It’s easy to disregard the amount of calories you can pile up snacking as you often do this whilst carrying on with some other task. Pack your lunch to save money and your body.

- Drink a lot of cold water. Instead of the sodas and all the calorie-packed sugary juices, have a glass of water. Water, especially cold, elevates your metabolism. In any case, water fills up your bladder faster and more frequently so that you’ll need to move up and down to the wash rooms more often. Talk about increasing mobility!

- Have your breakfast daily. It’s the most important meal of the day, so you ought not to miss it when heading for work. Breakfast helps you stay active during the day without the need to snack all the time. It helps increase productivity too.

- Keep stress levels down. Whatever helps you to beat stress, use it. We tend to eat more in stressful situations even though we may not feel that hungry.

- Team up with a colleague that shares your goals. As with any work-related team, it’s all about achieving a common goal together. When you succeed, you share the success, same goes for a loss. A colleague can be good motivation when your morale is low, especially when you treat it as some kind of competition.

If you’re into snacking at work, get your self a journal to record whatever you eat. You will be shocked how much that adds up to.

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