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How to Reduce Double Chin Fat

It’s what everybody hates and wants to get rid of the most: the double chin. We rub the area just above our necks and catch profile views in the mirror in the mornings, wishing it away.

While we can’t spot reduce, there is a way that we can reduce double chin fat for a slimmer facial appearance.

Double chins are caused by a layer of sagging fat underneath the chin. This excess fat can be caused by obesity, aging, or genetics.

Even normal weight people can develop a double chin, depending on the amount of loose skin they have and their frame structure. In general, there are several options available to reduce double chin fat.

The most obvious way to get rid of double chin fat is through diet and exercise. While you can’t spot reduce fat under the chin, and overall health improvement plan that includes a healthy diet along with cardio and strength training exercises will reduce excess fat. In addition, this approach with provide a benefit through the promotion of a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to eating healthier, there are exercises that we can do that will help to firm up the chin area. To reduce chin fat, muscles such as the transverse muscles, buccinator, orbicularis, etc. should be exercised. Toning these muscles daily is recommended to minimize chin fat. You can tone with the following exercising.

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Sun Kiss

Stand with your legs slightly relaxed and arms at your sides. Gently pull your head back and lift your chin toward the ceiling. Tighten your chin muscles by puckering as if to kiss the sun and hold this position for five seconds. Repeat for a total of twelve times.

Neck Rolls

In a standing position, straighten your spine while facing forward. Guiding with your chin, rotate your head to position it, first over your left shoulder, and then over the right. Be sure not to swing your neck, but rather make slow and deliberate movements.

As you advance, switch your movements from neck rotations to neck rolls, with forward semi-circle movements only. Do not roll toward your back and spine. Complete five sets of rotations or rolls (alternate directions on the rolls).

Neck Pulls

In a cross-legged seated position, plant your left hand palm down on the floor, roughly ten inches from your hip. Lift your right hand to the sky, palm facing inward. Bend your extended arm at the elbow and touch your left ear. Tilt your head to your right shoulder. With your right hand still touching your left ear, gently push toward the right. Do not strain the neck or push past its natural stopping point.

While holding this position, lift your left hand off the floor and place on your left upper arm and apply a small amount of pressure. Hold this position for five seconds. Alternate on the other side and repeat for one complete set. Repeat for a set of five.

Completing these exercises daily along with a healthy diet and exercise program will help you to eliminate lower chin fat. You should be able to see a difference within the first few weeks.

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cheat your way thin