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How to Tone Thighs and Lose Inches for Summer the Natural Way

Does the cellulite on your thighs make you dread going out to the beach in you summer shorts? Are you fed up with the endless diet shakes, starvation diets, appetite suppressants and all those unnatural ways of losing weight?

You are right, its time you tried the 100 percent natural way to get the shape you’ve always dreamed of.

Why go the natural way?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight to look good. However, your first priority should be health. Only then will you find the right motivation to sustain the rigors of weight loss.

Losing weight just to look good might lead to drastic measures, which can be harmful to your health. It’s only through natural ways that you can be sure of no side effects. In addition, natural ways encourage sound nutrition that leads to long term behavioural change.

Natural ways of losing weight enable you to lose fat in a sensible way, by avoiding moving from one diet to another, all in vain. Majority of chemical based weight loss products have long-term effects, which may not be apparent initially. For instance, a favorite appetite suppressant was marketed to desperate people for years before being withdrawn after it was found to cause heart valves to malfunction.

Natural ways to tone up

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It’s not only how much you eat, what you eat a lot of matters too, as far as fat retention is concerned. Some foods have a higher caloric content than others, for instance, raw foods have low caloric content, thus, it is safe to eat raw vegetables (even in large quantities), fruits and salad.

On the other hand, foods like meat, though rich in protein, contain a lot of saturated fat (lean meat contains over 10 percent fat). A lean body calls for lean food. Moderate your intake of fats and caloric foods because you can not do away with them completely.

Exercises for toning thighs

Start with cardio exercises before anything else, for not more than 5 days a week so that your body gets time to rest. Get your circulation to optimal level through aerobics like jogging, skipping and swimming. You get to work all muscle groups in the body with such exercises. Increase the intensity of your exercises gradually so that you start to burn fat.

Remember, in order to firm your legs and thighs, you need to first shed the fat. Keep increasing the intensity gradually until you notice a difference (it takes time, say over 3 months, to notice a significant change).
When you’ve found rhythm and are no longer feeling the aches and fatigues, move on and concentrate on working the legs. There are more than four muscle groups in the legs, i.e. the hamstring muscles, groin muscles, quadriceps, hip flexors among others.

An effective exercise is one that works all of those muscles. Doing these exercises the right way is very crucial. You can try leg-weight lifting, inverted bicycle, scissors and chair squats, all of these can firm the legs and tighten your butt.

It all comes down to how bad you want your legs toned, so go out and work those legs to look great for summer.

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amazing self