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Keys to Supercharging Your Metabolism For Weight Loss!

The food we eat is converted into energy in a process known as metabolism, also called burning calories.

It occurs as a series of biochemical processes that give off energy used by the different body functions. The rate at which metabolism occurs when the body is at rest is called basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Contrary to common belief, metabolic rate does not directly affect weight loss or gain, rather, it’s the body’s weight that affects the metabolic rate.

Changes in weight are a result of energy imbalances in the body. Metabolic rate is directly affected by gender (women store more fat than men), and age (metabolic rate decreases with age).There are other secondary factors that affect the metabolic rate, i.e. the ratio of muscle to fat, and aerobic activity.

Maintaining an optimum metabolic rate is a key factor for any weight loss program. Fortunately, there are several things one can adhere to that can supercharge metabolism for weight loss:

Adequate sleep

Frequent sleep deprivation alters the way the endocrine system works, which system produces the chemicals that regulate the body’s metabolism. As a result, your body’s energy storage and blood sugar levels are affected, causing the metabolic rate to slow down. Adequate sleep ensures metabolism is well regulated for optimum chemical balances.

Eating meals regularly

The body adjusts its metabolic rate depending on intervals between meals. When a meal is skipped, metabolism will slow down as the body tries to conserve calories, which will be stored as fat in cases where there’s little or no physical activity. Having meals regularly maintains a constant or increased metabolic rate.

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Physical activity

There’s a direct correlation between metabolism and the body’s muscle-fat make up. Physical activity increases metabolic rate by boosting number of calories burned above the basal metabolic rate, and improves muscle growth. Metabolism occurs in muscles even when the body is at rest, thus more calories are burned with muscle.

Watch sugar and fat intake

There’s no doubt that the body’s fat retention is negatively affected by high sugar foods and transfats, although is it debatable whether high fat foods are more detrimental for weight loss than low fat foods when both are consumed in regulated calorie portions. The sure food to avoid is junk and its important to watch the quantity of whatever goes into the body.

Shape up in old age

As one grows older, metabolism slows down which may lead to weight gain. This can be reversed by increasing physical activity in the younger ages to build more muscle. As you age, the muscle mass will help to maintain or increase metabolism. Strength training in old age helps to reverse or slow down the effects of slowing metabolism due to age.

Check the thyroid

If your metabolism rate is unchanged after following the above guidelines, it may be that the thyroid is not in good health. In extremely rare cases, the thyroid’s function may slow down, leading to metabolism slowing down too. However, thyroid malfunction may indicate more serious issues other than weight.

In the end, there’s no single magical formula for maintaining an optimal metabolic rate for weight loss. It takes a lot of discipline to stick to the above guidelines, which remain the best way to keep a healthy metabolism rate for weight loss.

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