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Law of Attraction Weight Loss

Most people, when they think about doing something, they will read it up on the internet and look for others who may be doing it, speak about it with friends for support and answers and think about it often. The thing is that most of them never get to do it.

If you want to do something, get up and do it, then as you go along, correct those areas that might not have gone as they ought to.

Many of us spend a lot of time thinking about what we want to do and then spend more time getting ready but never really get to do it.

When you’ve decided to do something, don’t let another day go by without taking action. This applies to anything in life; it could be simply picking the phone and making that single call that may open up lots of opportunities, or, in this particular case, making a change in your life that’s going to see your weight change for better. There’s immense power in just making this one decision.

Law of attraction

The law of attraction states that the power of your thoughts is what gives rise to reality. What you believe is a result of your thoughts, which in turn results in your attitudes, and your attitudes determine the kind of actions you take.

This doesn’t mean that the law of attraction implies that you’re responsible for anything and everything that goes on in your life. Often times, things happen in people’s lives in which they don’t have any control: genetics, government decisions, acts of God, nature, among others. In such cases, it is your reaction that matters.

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Your reaction to the things that happen to you is what you have full control of. The way you understand and interpret the events that happen in your life determines your reaction to those events. Remember, it is still up to you to choose your thoughts and attitudes and this is very important.

Your weight problem

The specific story line that is your life is fully authored by you. You realize then that it is only you with the power to change that story line, if you choose to.

Your battle with weight is probably a story that has been going on in your life for some time now. It may have its roots in your childhood or other life events. It may comprise a multitude of supporting characters. The story of your weight is a reflection of all your beliefs and attitudes about your body, what you eat, yourself and exercise.

The way you feel about yourself inside is exactly how you’ll treat your body. Before you embark on any efforts to lose weight, it’s important to first get in the right frame of mind. Once your mind is ‘set’, your body automatically follows. Unfortunately, many people who try to lose weight do this in reverse. They convince themselves that once they get in shape, they’ll start to feel good about themselves. It doesn’t work like that.

According to the law of attraction, we get more of what our attention is focused on. When you feel that you’re overweight, you’ll focus on fats, diets, calories, among others, which is actually negative thinking.

The law of attraction can only be used to successfully lose weight by focusing on the solution. When you’ve decided to lose weight, focus on the result of losing weight, not what you have to lose.

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burn the fat