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Life After Lap-Band Surgery

For someone who has had trouble losing weight, the Lap-Band is an important option to consider.

The Lap-Band is a device that allows the doctor to change the size of your stomach, keeping you from losing weight too quickly, but allowing you to lose it in a way that will keep you from gaining the lost weight back over time.

The procedure is minimally invasive, offering the Lap-Band wearer to return to life quickly and easily without too much discomfort or trouble.

After surgery, it is important to follow the instructions given by the doctor. The patient is encouraged to do light to no exercise. They should do no heavy lifting, but should walk as much as possible. It would be best if someone were there to help them. They should expect to feel a little soreness from the procedure, although it should not be extreme.

The patient will need to follow the doctor’s instructions closely. They will begin by eating only liquids. In the first few weeks, they will move from eating liquids to soft foods and eventually on to solid foods. The patient shouldn’t expect too much change in the first month, as this time is meant for healing, not for weight loss.

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Their body will need to get used to the Lap-Band while you get used to a new way of life. During the first few weeks the patient should begin exercising, and go back to work. It is best to continue with life as normally as possible.

When the patient first receives their Lap-Band, the doctor usually leaves it pretty loose, so it is not making the stomach much smaller. This is so the body has time to heal from the surgery before weight is lost. It is best for the body to have healing time before undergoing other serious changes. After the first few weeks, the doctor will determine if the Lap-Band needs to be changed.

By paying attention to the number of nutrients received, the amount of food the patient is able to eat while still losing a safe amount of weight, and the amount of hunger felt before or after a meal, the doctor and patient are able to decide if the Lap-Band is at the right position.

They may choose to make it tighter, so the stomach is smaller, or to make it looser so the stomach is a little larger. These are all done to keep the patient healthy while still allowing them to lose weight.

This is something that both the patient and the doctor have to monitor very carefully. The Lap-Band is adjusted by placing a needle into it and adding or removing fluid. This will cause its tightness to change, thereby changing the size of the stomach.

As time progresses, the patient will begin to lose weight, ultimately losing a large amount. They will be eating regular foods, just in much smaller amounts than what was eaten previously. The patient and doctor will continue to watch the Lap-Band to see if any other changes are necessary.

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