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Live a Longer and Healthier Life

There are certainly many things you can do to add a few days, months or years to your life. While everyone wants longevity, very few people actually enjoy the full benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Keep a positive outlook

There are a few factors that have consistently received universal acknowledgement in aiding longevity.

Various research studies, both clinical and informal have repeatedly concluded that there’s a positive connection between longevity and people who generally tend to live happier, with a positive outlook on life.

Although it’s something anyone can capitalize on, it’s also true that living a happy life is a very personal thing. You could always start by taking other people as very important in your life and eventually, you will start to feel good about your self too. Often, holding other people in high regard is usually reciprocated.

Keeping good family relations is also very important in helping you lead a happy life. It’s true that sometimes family can be a cause of stress but on and above average, people who keep close family ties tend to be happier and live longer, happier lives.


There has never been more research into the relationship between diet and longevity as in the past two decades. Studies carried out on mice and some larger primates have consistently shown a longer lifespan for animals fed on a diet lower in calories (approximately 30 percent lower) than a normal diet.

The findings seem to hold true for humans as well because substantial evidence for longevity associated with low calorie diets has been deduced in chimpanzees, the closest primates to humans.

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Diets that are generally high in calories are linked to obesity, which causes a multitude of health problems, especially as one ages. Normal dietary intake for calories ranges in the 2000 range per day. You could start with a 30 percent decrease, which translates to a 600 cut in daily  calorie intake. However, you could start with a 10-15 percent cut if 30 seems a bit extreme.

There is a host of other dietary factors that have been shown to contribute to a healthier, longer life. Fruits and vegetables consumed regularly help build a robust immune system, legume consumption provides good protein and fiber, and sea food provides the much needed fatty acids that are known to keep the heart in perfect shape, among other benefits. Keeping a healthy diet plan is essential to living longer.


Lifestyle choices seems the most obvious factor that determines longevity but it is, not surprisingly, one of the biggest obstacles to a longer life. Smoking alone is linked to more health issues than any other lifestyle factor.

It is linked to lung cancer, heart disease, diabetes, emphysema, COPD among others. It would be safe to assume that doing away with smoking may add another 14 years to your life since it has been shown to kill a person 14 years earlier.

Excessive alcohol consumption is another high risk factor that contributes to a shorter life. While there are health benefits associated with moderate alcohol intake, it also has a higher likelihood  of being abused which would erode it’s small health advantage. Alcohol can damage the liver, cause heart disease and can cause undesired social affect to someone.

There is a multitude of other lifestyle factors which are often overlooked but can contribute to a healthier, longer life. Things like seatbelts, careful driving and generally taking a cautious approach could all determine how long you live. If your goal is to add a few years to your life, you ought to start with changing your life style.

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