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Losing Weight For Health

In our modern, celebrity crazed societies, losing weight has become more of a body-conscious campaign than a real health issue.

It doesn’t help that the internet is awash with thousands of weight loss programs, including crash diets and extreme exercise regimens.

While losing weight is good for health, it is important to do it in a healthy way to avoid health injuries that may come with crash programs.

For instance, it may be counter-productive for someone who has been inactive for years to embark on a rigorous exercise routine as they are more likely to injure their body than realising the benefits of controlled exercise.

Likewise, it would be ill-advise to suddenly restrict intake of certain dietary nutrients in a bid to ‘lose weight fast‘. The body gets conditioned to change at a slow pace, when dietary changes and physical activity are introduced.

If you’re going to lose weight for health, you’ve got to do it in a healthy way. The basic factors to losing weight are diet and exercise. It then becomes important to understand the variables that influence weight loss as far as the basic factors of diet and exercise are concerned.

The first thing to consider when embarking on the basics is having an elaborate plan. Write a plan that includes a routine that’s easy for you to follow. You will want to introduce the changes in a gradual fashion.

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Think of losing weight as permanently changing your dietary and exercise habits, thus, plan for the  long term, other than a quick fix. Introduce changes in small bits as they make a big difference over time. A biscuit more everyday can lead to over 5lb weight gain over a year. Simply eliminating it from your daily or weekly diet can lead to loss of same amount of weight.

You are also better advised to avoid a diet that places restrictions on all foods. Rather, it would be more beneficial to ensure regular breakfast or to replace full-cream milk with semi-skimmed. The key thing in weight loss for health is being able to sustain the small changes over a long period.

Increasing physical activity even without altering diet will most certainly lead to weight loss because the body will burn more calories and fat. You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym to increase physical activity.

You can get exercise through sports activities, aerobics, cycling and swimming. There are also simple changes in everyday life that count towards extra physical activity, like opting for the stairs instead of the lift, or incorporating a walk to and from work two days a week.

If you’re going to lose weight fast, you are going to have to cut on the calorie intake. It is not possible to cut fat while consuming large amounts of sweetened foods, but this is not to say you can not enjoy a treat once in a while.

When you take up less calories, your body will use the existing fat storage to produce energy, thus cutting weight. Ensure to cut back on calorie intake in a tapered manner as a drastic cut may cause drastic weight loss and a craving effect, causing you to take more calories again, hence weight gain. Crash diets will result in a terrible vicious cycle you want to avoid.

The healthiest way to cut weight is a slow, gradual process other than a quick fix exercise program or diet.

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amazing self