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Losing Weight Without Going On Diets

It is true that you can lose weight without going on diets. As much as you want to believe, altering diet doesn’t always lead to weight loss, as our bodies react differently changes in diet.

There are thousands of fad diets being promoted as the best solution to losing weight fast. But while some will work as they claim, what they won’t tell you are the deprivation effects they will cause to your body.

Losing weight at a slower pace is more likely to have permanent results than a crash diet. There are many ways to cut weight without any big dietary changes:

Eat breakfast regularly

When you skip breakfast, you are more likely to eat more as the day progresses than if you had breakfast. It also helps you stay more active thus using up calories that would otherwise be stored as fat. Beginning the day with a bowl of cereal and low-fat milk can go a long way to checking your weight.

Do away with late night cravings

This is something to take seriously if you’re going to lose weight without going on a diet. Snacking way late into the night is counter productive for weight loss. Set a time when you will stop eating and stick to it. It’s also important to brush immediately after your last meals as you will less likely eat after brushing.

Avoid sweetened drinks

Drinks that have been sweetened contain larger amounts of calories. If you need to bring between meals, stick to water, skimmed milk or natural juice. Alcoholic drinks contain calories too thus, you will want to limit intake to weekends only.

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Eat more fruits, vegetables than meat

Fruits not only have a low calorie count, they also contain many antioxidants that help flush out free radicals from the body. By including fruits and vegetables at every meal serving, you will undo the effects of other fatty foods and maintain a steady or reduced calorie count in the body. Vegetables also help the body store only the ‘good fat’.

Eat whole grain foods

Foods made from refined grains like wheat (cakes, white bread, cookies) contain a substantial amount of calories compared to whole-grain foods. Substitute whole grain foods for refined grains to reduce calorie uptake and increase fiber portion in your diet.

Trim your portions

Even if you did just nothing but trimmed your portions by about 20 percent, you will lose weight. Often, the portions served at home and in restaurants tend to be bigger than what our body needs, in terms of nutrients. use measuring cups for a more accurate measure of what you need to eat, not what will get your stomach full.

Be more active

Do everything that will make you more active. Being more active than usual alone without changing your diet can cause your body to cut some fat, as it would use more energy thus depleting some of the fat stores in the body.

It’s worth noting that a single pound of fat equates to 3500 calories. Reducing daily calorie intake by 500 may result to a one pound cut in weight over a week (3500 calories). This will have a noticeable effect on weight over a period of time if done with utmost discipline.

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