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Low-Carb Diets Do Not Have to be Stressful or Boring

Many studies comparing a plethora of low-carb diets have shown that restricting carbohydrates negatively impacts cognitive ability.

When intake of carbohydrates is heavily restricted, supply of glucose to the brain is reduced. Glucose is the brain’s preferred source of energy.

A lot of people on low-carb diets have not fared well, especially in the first few weeks on the diet. Apart from cognitive issues, cases of anxiety and irritation have been reported too.

While increasing carbohydrates might alleviate the symptoms, some people put up with the initial discomfort for immediate returns.

Why low-carb diet is stressful

Fact is there’s no quicker way to weight loss, while boosting metabolism at the same time. Losing weight involves a lot of stress but the choices you make determine the degree of stress. Low-carb diets result in more stress because of high expectations within a short time.

Our bodies are slow to ‘learning’, when it comes to losing weight. It takes a while for your body to fully adjust to burning fat. As far as weight loss is concerned, patience is surely boring but worth it.


Some proteins can be converted to sugar by the liver and muscles (e.g. alamine, glutamine). In addition, there are fat deposits that can be used as energy supplies when converted to sugar, although this process is slow.

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Certain types of food can be used to aid this conversion, as supplements to a low carb diet. Basically, there’s a safe and unsafe way to go about it. You’ll find that consulting a nutritionist or health care provider avoids a lot of damage in the long run.

On the other hand, you should take a cautious approach if you decide to do it on your own. Low carb diets are not straight forward simple as eating eggs and cheese, as many people would like to assume.

For instance, Atkins gradually altered his thinking on his ideal low carb diet; it was always a diet in progress. The evolution has been influenced by a host of other low carb diets too, e.g. the south beach diet.

Whereas some diets are notoriously low carb, others simply emphasize foods with a low glycemic index (slow digestion carbohydrate foods). Fast digestion carbohydrate foods lead to high insulin levels during or immediately after a meal, stressing the pancreas, a condition that precipitates diabetes and obesity.

Overcoming boring diets

Overcoming boring low-carb diets, plus the potential short and long-term effects, doesn’t have to be hard. A simple carb-control plan that reflects a healthy, balanced meal plan is a good start. Include foods such as whole grains, beans, peas and other legumes, low fat dairy, fruits and vegetables.

For fried foods, refined grains (bread, muffins, pasta, rolls, bagels, cereal and crackers), fruit juice and white rice, limit their intake to maximum 2 servings a day. Foods you should entirely eliminate are sugary foods (desserts, very sweet cakes, candies), sodas and fast food.

Whatever weight loss diet you choose, it can not be complete without an exercise plan. A lot of research is still on-going but the potential risks of low-carb diets are well documented.

amazing self

amazing self