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How to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss

A combination of factors add up to determine your weight. These include metabolic rate, physical activity, daily calorie intake and generally, the food you eat. Understanding how these factors influence your weight will help you achieve permanent weight loss.

It’s not surprising that permanent weight loss has proved an elusive feat for many, given the countless quick weight loss schemes. Quick fix weight loss schemes do work but only temporarily.

The fact is they lead to a dreaded vicious cycle of lose-weight, gain weight and wanting to lose weight again, as a result of yoyo dieting. It’s absolutely possible to shed weight permanently if you get the basics right. You can not lose weight permanently by restricting your diet, stuffing your self with weight loss pills or through extreme exercise alone.

Understanding the benefits of a real lifestyle change is crucial if you are to realize the full benefits of permanent weight loss.

Avoid dieting for weight loss

There are many attributes that make dieting unsuitable for a sustained weight loss program. A particular diet is defined within a given period of time, say eight weeks, and being very restrictive, many people simply end up being overly obsessed with measuring calories and monitoring for changes in weight on the scale.


Moreover, diets forbid certain types of food while encouraging over the counter pills as diet supplements. this makes it extremely difficult not to ‘break the rules’, like missing pills or indulging a ‘forbidden’ delicacy.

This explains why 95 percent of dieters fail, and instead regain the weight initially lost, hence a vicious cycle. It is very important to understand the impracticability and dangers of excluding certain foods foe a long term.

Change your lifestyle for permanent weight loss

On the other hand, lifestyle change achieves permanent weight loss for one simple reason: it involves integrating small changes into your life one at a time over a long period. The beauty with it is not having to suddenly give up on certain foods.

Rather, opting for healthier choices is more sustainable and will lead to weight loss. For instance, you may decide to swap full fat-milk for low fat, or skimmed milk for your breakfast meal, which can be done a day at a time. Moderate eating is crucial. For those cravings that you cant do without, limit them to a few times a week.

Lifestyle change is a lot more than just  tweaking your diet alone, it includes increasing your body’s physical activities and approach to social life. These have a direct effect on your weight. For instance, physical activity doesn’t have to be gym exercises, it can be a walk to work, a light jog, skipping, or any light aerobics. Make these fun so that you get motivated when it becomes routine. You are more likely to be consistent if you enjoy the physical activities.

Note that there’s no ‘fast’ way to permanent weight loss. Unfortunately, many quick weight loss schemes are very costly, and it’s easy to get caught in a cycle, which can result into loss of thousands of dollars. The best things are free. Enjoy a ‘free’ lifestyle change and lose weight permanently.

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