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Reason Why Most Diets Fail

Many Americans have fallen for fad diets. You’ve probably tried a number of diets and failed to lose weight.

Chances are you found this piece of information while searching for the truth about diets. The truth is, most diets are not worth your effort.

Here’s why.

Diets are not sustainable. Virtually all diets are defined within a strict short period of time, say 5 weeks. To make matters worse, most people’s approach is an all or nothing affair.

Diets force a drastic, almost overnight change, coupled with unrealistic, prohibitive rules. Anything outside the diet rules is ‘cheating’ yourself, which eventually leads to failure. If you manage to stick to the rules for the whole period, your misery starts afresh because there is no long term plan.

Before long, you’ll be back to your eating ways, hence re-gaining the lost weight. In order to sustain a successful weight loss program, you must approach it in smaller, incremental steps spread over a long period such that the body adapts at its pace. You can not rush the body, else you get trapped in a vicious cycle, and hop to yet another fad diet.

Diets starve you. As far as fad diets are concerned, weight loss is a function of food. Exercise is totally disregarded. The diet craze is all about tearing down, while exercise and nutrition focus on building up.

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You can only shed pounds when there’s a calorie deficit in the body, which is a result of burning more calories than you consume. A deficit will result mainly through physical activity that builds muscle, which sets your metabolism high, hence burning calories without starving.

Diets cause fatigue, wear you down and make you less productive. The diet craze is notorious for its low caloric quantities. This deprives the body of much needed energy for physical activity, hence, more calories conserved as a remedy. Some diets will include a few exercises here and there (most do not).

But even then, your body will feel over-stretched due to the low energy levels. You may lose weight initially but to the detriment of your muscles. This results in a low metabolic rate, and it gets you to where you stated, eating a lot. It doesn’t matter how much exercise you do, straining your body on low calories gets you nowhere.

Ultra low-carb diets, which garnered a following during the last two decades, are linked to serious health issues. The most apparent is brain incapacitation. The brain’s primary source of energy is carbohydrates. When carbohydrates are restricted, it will not function well. Other long term effects include loss of muscle, risk of stroke among others.

Diets can have a negative psychological effect on you. Most diets promise instant results, but do not deliver. This may cause depression, stress and other psychological effects. It can also affect other aspects of your life, especially if you’ve been on a number of diets that failed.

Weight loss takes time. Any diet plan without proper guidelines for the long-term should be avoided. Find out what works for your body, while eating a balanced diet.

eating for energy

eating for energy