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Remove Unhealthy Foods from Your Kitchen

Whether you’re dieting or not, there are certain foods that deserve the boot, if successful weight loss is your goal.

Giving your kitchen a nice old fashioned cleanse is a good way to kick start your healthy eating journey.

Start by ridding your fridge of all unhealthy sodas and energy drinks. Soda is laden with empty calories and water which ‘oh-so’ seem to quench thirst.

While soda is an easy reach for thirst quenching, it’s also a ‘sweet’ way of piling up calories without realising it.

A serving of soda contains 100 calories, and not many can stop at just one. Thus, in a day, its easy to gulp hundreds, even thousands of calories from soda alone. Energy drinks are just as bad. Many contain as much sugar and calories as soda.

Processed sugary juices should be high up on the boot list, after soda and energy drinks. Refined sugars contain a considerable amount of fructose, which is not good for your cholesterol levels and ultimately your heart.

Refined grains (white bread, pasta): Bread and pasta are a staple on the American diet, thus, they are notoriously hard to eliminate. Typically, white bread, and any refined grain, is enriched. This strips it of the good bran and germ that, interestingly, are rich in vitamins and minerals. Through the same process, sugar concentration is increased. It’s no wonder then that adults and kids alike tend to have a liking for the white food.

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Fried, frozen foods: Despite being tasty, fried foods are extremely toxic. Frying food adds fat and oils which are not naturally contained in the food. Apart from distorting the essential natural oils found in the food, it increases bad cholesterol. Therefore do away with fried foods, and swap margarine for butter, if you need to have solid fat.

Full-cream milk and other dairy: milk and other dairy products are an essential food because of their nutrients. Milk is an excellent source of calcium, good for pregnant mothers and growing children. However, dairy contains a lot of fat and regular intake may not be good for your waistline.

Instead of throwing the milk away, simply ‘downgrade’ gradually. For instance, begin with reduced fat milk for some weeks, then scale down to skimmed milk. The same goes for cheese; there’s a variety of diet cheeses out there which are comparable in texture and taste to full fat cheese.

White rice: It doesn’t mean you should totally avoid this, but for sure, brown rice will make you healthier because it contains some nutrients that are absent in white rice. Nonetheless, spruce up the flavor by mixing the two.

Given that 30 percent of all cancer cases in America arise from bad eating habits and poor nutrition, its easy to see why your kitchen needs a good old cleanse after all. However, keep in mind that it all boils down to moderation.

Admittedly, bad as they may be for your health, its extremely hard to totally exclude some foods, and besides, it really doesn’t hurt to strike a happy balance when it comes to a few personal favorites.

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