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Simple Ways to Detoxify Your Body and Reclaim Your Health and Vitality

Toxins are chemical compounds that either occur naturally or are synthesized. Toxins enter our bodies through a number of ways: the food we eat, water, air, chemical agents and industrial pollutants.

There are natural detoxifying mechanisms through which the body eliminates toxins. However, due to the sheer amount of toxins we’re exposed to everyday, these systems get overwhelmed, causing toxins to accumulate.

Potential health risks include: obesity, cancer, fatigue among others.

How toxins get into the body

Toxins are produced in body cells as a by-product of metabolic processes. They are called free radicals. They can also be purposefully produced by the immune system to neutralize infections from bacteria and viruses. In addition, initiation of free radicals can result from external stimuli, for instance, exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun.

Health risks

Toxins accumulate in the body if they are removed at a lower rate than they are created. To reduce toxicity, the body stores more fat to absorb excess toxins. If the body fails to rid itself of excess free radicals, they attack cell membranes, damaging cell tissue. Free radicals can also distort DNA strands, a process known to initiate malignant cell growth that leads to most types of cancers.

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Detoxifying the body

Detoxification is the process through which the body eliminates toxins. The body naturally detoxifies itself , through the liver and kidney. However, there are foods that contain substances (antioxidants), which neutralize toxins, thus, reducing the stress on the liver and kidney. There are also other ways to detoxify your body and reclaim your health and vitality.

Increase the amount of organic foods and eat less in-organic foods. This is because you directly ingest toxins in in-organic foods as residue ford agro-chemicals an pesticides used while growing those foods. Organic food contain less or no chemicals.

Include a lot of antioxidant-rich foods in your diet. Fruits and vegetables are rich in bioflavonoids, for instance, onions are abundantly rich in these phytochemicals. Red, orange and deep yellow vegetables are good sources of carotenoids. Most deep-pigmented fruits are also good sources of anthocyanins, which are all types of antioxidants.

Drink a lot of water. Water aids the body’s natural detoxification process through the excretory system. Toxins are eliminated through sweat and urine. In addition, un-purified tap water contains many toxins, thus, you should drink spring water. Have a shower filter installed to reduce chemicals that can leech into the skin.

Break a sweat. Regular exercise means you’re sweating more often, thus eliminating toxins. Besides purifying the body, there are a multitude of health benefits from keeping fit: weight loss, stimulating the brain, energizing the body, boosting metabolism, lowering incidence of diseases and generally prolonging life.

Lastly, you should limit the amount and frequency of use of home and beauty products. Things like air fresheners, lotions, hair products and soaps contain many chemicals which get into the body through the skin, or breathed in with air. Use natural alternatives like herbals and natural oils.

There are many other approaches that claim to rid the body of toxins. These are simple, proven ways to detoxify and prevent disease, look younger and stay fit.

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