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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review

top secret fat loss reviewThere’s been a lot of talk about the ‘Top Secret Fat Loss Secret’ program, a diet program authored by Dr Suzanne Gudakunst, and sold as a book. The question is, is it worth it’s salt? We’ll look at the key facts about the program.

The author

Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst is a ‘TV doctor‘, barely known outside the weight loss sphere. Although she is lean and fit herself, the same can not be claimed for most of her family, who are overweight.

She believes that excess weight is directly linked to pollutants inside the body, thus, her fat loss program is an effort to flush pollutants out of the body so that a natural weight loss process can restore normal weight. 

Unlike most weight loss schemes, this program tackles weight loss from a completely different angle. According to Dr Suzanne, people who are fat have more to worry about than what they eat. In her view, it is the worms, parasites and the plaque that fills their bodies, which causes excess fat.

The ‘Top Secret Fat Loss Secret’ program is designed to help detoxify your body of all those impurities, inducing a smooth fat-loss process. In her approach, Dr Suzanne goes to great lengths to elaborate what some of the deadly parasites preying on your body look like.

A review Top Secret Fat Loss Secret program

top secret fat loss secret reviewThe ‘Top Secret Fat Loss Secret’ program is a very short-term diet program premised on the view that your intestines are lined with a host of parasitical worms living off your vital nutrients.

It’s more than just a diet program. It offers ways of cleansing the most important system related to nutrition - digestive system - so that your health can take a dramatic turn in the right direction.

Its main downside though is that it has no guidelines for exercise. Many diet programs recommend physical activity as part of the total weight-loss package. Most of the negative reviews about the program stem from its omission of exercise.

Worms and other parasites get into our bodies through food - unclean food that has not been cooked well. It follows that the risk of ingesting worms and parasites can be minimized by eating fresh food, especially meats and fish - the hotbed for worms. Then of course, maintaining the minimum basic hygiene standards will keep the worms away. The program clearly illustrates the series of events taking place behind the scenes that can stifle weight loss efforts, thus, damage our health. 

Negative reviews of the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret program

While revered by some, the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret program has received criticisms too. Those who’ve picked a bone with the program claim that it does nothing more than addressing the necessity to detoxify the body prior, during and after a weight loss program.

In addition, Dr. Suzanne’s advertising approach has been criticized as a tad too eerie. In fact, critics claim that her official website appears like a ‘massive advertisement’, obscuring the core idea on which her program is premised. While it’s clear that flushing wastes may improve energy levels and general health, the role of exercise and eating less is not clearly illustrated in this program.

Overall, it is safe to use Dr. Suzanne’s Top Secret Fat Loss Secret program as part of a more robust weight loss program, rather than a complete weight loss package on its own. Go check it out yourself at the links below...

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